Surgical Strike 2.0 Confirmed by the Foreign Secretary of India: Vijay Gokhale

Nick Clair

Vijay Gokhale confirms the JeM attack by India on Tuesday morning 26 January 2019. Few hours after the attack the foreign minister of India calls for the press conference to give the detailing and reason for initiation of the surgical strike 2.0

Here is what Mr Vijay Gokhale, covered in the conference:

  • India confirms the attack on the Jaish-e-Mohammed which is considered the biggest hideout for the terrorists in Pakistan.
  • The main points of attack were Balakot, Chakothi and Muzaffarabad.
  • He further adds, the event was planned as the terrorists were not ready to give up after the Pulwama terror attack but were planning for the series of attacks on India.
  • They have the proofs against those preparing the suicidal bombs and targeting different territories in India.
  • In the event several terrorists, their trainers, commanders and Jihadis were dead.
  • None of the civilians was harmed in the attack. JeM was situated on the hilltop amidst the dense forests where they trained different terrorists.

 The foreign secretary of India further says that “We expect more support from Pakistan to dismantle all the terror camps from their Territory including JeM”

Recent Updates in Surgical Strike 2.0:

It is one of the biggest achievement for India to eradicate JeM in the event, that was one of the oldest terror camps that was built back in 2011.

Indian Government planned it mindfully and had not to bear any loss. The complete surgical strike 2.0 was an event of 21 minutes. The Indian Air Force Mirage-2000 hit Pakistan at 3:30 am and back to India by 5 am.

Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi was present in the war control room to witness the complete situation live. Hours after the successful completion of the mission he called out Cabinet Committee on Security. It was headed by the PM and attended by top officials. Some of the common names including External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and many more security officers.

Bottom Line:

Though the mission is accomplished successfully, different parts of the country are still on high alert. We can never predict the counter attacks and consequences. All the measures are been taken to protect the country in every possible way.

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