Cyclone Amphan turns into Super Cyclone, PM Modi reviews some measures


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today had a meeting and in that meeting, he reviewed all the things that are being prepared against cyclone Amphan that is developing the Bay of Bengal. The government has also said all the states to be prepared for this cyclone because it has turned into a super cyclone. Ergo, this cyclone is going to be the worst cyclone for Odisha after 1999 and is going to intensify in the next six hours.

The weather is constantly changing in the state of Odisha, as per the reports today Odisha and other parts of South faced a very heavy rainfall with the heavy storm as well. In the next six hours, the cyclone is going to come so near the place and this super cyclone is going to one of the worst and destructive cyclones for the people. The government has already shifted the people from seashore to some face places. Narendra Modi today on Twitter posted that I’m constantly praying for the safety of people in the cyclone alerted places and has also assured that the central government is going to support people in every possible way. PM Narendra Modi today had a meeting through which he checked if the states are prepared for this super cyclone or not.

Probing further, the government has already given a warning to the fisherman not to venture the sea till May 21st. Other than Odisha there are several other states that are going to face this destructive cyclone. Odisha, West Bengal, Sikkim, and Meghalaya have already been alerted about this super cyclone and people are told to stay in their houses till 21st May. Furthermore, the other Southern states are going to face heavy storms and rainfall because of this super cyclone. Whereas the temperature in the Northern parts of India is also going to be down.

The next six hours and the next few days will be crucial for the people living in the Southern parts. People should stay alert and should stay safe at their home till the time weather forecast department says that everything is Okay. No one knows why this year is becoming more destructive day by day. May God save his people from these serious situations.

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