How Has Technology Changed Human Life?

Sahil Arora

Over the years, technology has brought several humongous changes to the world. It has created amazing tools and resources bringing useful info to your fingertips. Modern technology has made it possible for the discovery of several multi-functional gadgets like laptop, smartphone, and smartwatch. With so many innovations right in front of you, wouldn’t you say technology has made lives simpler, faster, better, more convenient and more fun?

When you talk about the way human beings communicate, modern technology has had a gigantic role in it. Digital technology has also changed what people today call as media. The influence of new technology on media has raised new platform awareness. A media company is a company which passes information across the world. Today, the amount of web users worldwide is around 3.2 billion people who are half the global population.

Over two million smartphones are being sold on a daily basis. The amount of information being shared online via the internet has risen in a phenomenal way. Social media isn’t just the biggest innovations which digital technology has made. Nor it is the only way technology has impacted human life.

Before the arrival of technology, people used to search for word and meaning by means of a dictionary. Today, though that phenomenon is still available, it is being less used. Now, you have a dictionary app to look out for words or just use the internet for it. Beyond words, you can search for simply just anything on the internet.

The technology future is way more interesting than what is going now. In some years, you will be witnessing driverless cars as a normal idea for everyone and robots will have a commonplace in workplaces.

But, rather than looking forward, let’s just take a glimpse at how technology has changed human life in the way people communicate.

It’s just amazing to turn back and see how communication has got simpler over the years. Communication tools have evolved over the years. In the past, people used to write letters to send message to one another. Then, came the phone generation where you could make trunk calls to reach out to people. And slowly and gradually, people shifted to smartphones and the internet.

Today, you have so many options at your fingertips. You can send a message on social media, text people, mail them or just make a call. Who doesn’t know about Skype, Facebook, and Twitter? Even if you don’t use them now, you won’t be able to ignore them for long. Regardless of your location, the message gets delivered at the same pace and rate,

Technology in how people exercise

Technology has literally changed the way people exercise. Right from boosting their morale with several apps and fitness tracker gadgets to release amazing headphones to enhance your motivation, there are dozens of ways in which technology has impacted the exercising patterns of human beings. You can order the best waterproof fitness tracker to track your fitness results, set your fitness goals and accomplish them in some time.

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