Indian Cabinet Approves Rs. 15,000 Crore for the Emergency of COVID-19


Recently, the news agency clarified that the Indian cabinet chaired by Shri Narendra Modi has approved significant investments for the emergency response of COVID-19. The amount of investment approved for this is around Rs. 15,000 crores. Therefore, the funds sectioned by the cabinet is going to be utilized in 3 phases and for emergency response of COVID-19. An amount of 7,774 has been provisioned for emergency response and rest amount for the medium-term support.

The key objectives of this package include mounting emergency response o slow and limit the COVID-19. This package is for the treatment facilities, procurement of essential medical equipment, drugs for the infected person, and many more. Furthermore, these interventions and initiatives are going to be implemented under the overall umbrella of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Therefore, the undertaken activities are going to be implemented in the first phase of all this. Have a look, if you want to know about:

  1. Additional funds are there to the tune of Rs. 3000 crore has been released under this package. This will include the strengthening of health facilities as COVID dedicated hospitals, health centers, care centers, etc. Detailed guidelines, protocols, and advisory for quarantine, isolation, testing, treatment, disease contaminant, social distancing, and surveillance. Hotspots have been identified and contaminant strategies are implemented.
  2. The diagnostics laboratory network has been expanded and the testing capacity has been increased day by day. In fact, leveraging on existing multi-disease testing platforms under the national TB elimination program. Therefore, 13 lakhs procurement kits have been placed for the augment of COVID 19 testing.
  3. All the health workers have been included with insurance under “Pradhan Mantri Garib0 Kalyan Package”. Ergo, production kits, ventilators, masks, and other testing kits have been provided centrally.

Hence, the leftover expenditure will be used for the times of emergency. Lastly, we would like to say that the government is taking so many measures to protect our lives. So, we should also cooperate with them and fight this pandemic disease.

We just have to stay home and help them in curing all the threats to our nation. Stay home, stay safe, and keep connected with our page to know more.

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