Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Delhi’s First Vaccine Storage Facility


As per the reports of Friday, it has been found that Rajiv Gandhi Hospital is going to be the first vaccine storage in Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi Hospital is a Delhi-government-run hospital and yes this is going to be the first vaccine storage facility in Delhi. BL Sherwal, the managing director of the Hospital said that a team from Union Health Ministry is the one who surveyed the building. And they are the only one who approved to make Rajiv Gandhi Hospital the first vaccine storage facility of Delhi.

Furthermore, Mr. Sherwal says that the government of Delhi has asked the hospital to provide enough space for storage of vaccines. We are having a 3 story building which can be easily used for this purpose. The building is further having around 8000 square meters of the area where vaccines can easily be kept, Mr. Sherwal said. Later on, he says that some work needs to be done for converting it into a cold storage facility. The doors also need to be enlarged for ensuring the entry of deep freezers. More power points will also be needed as this is very much important for vaccine storage.

Probing further, Health Minister Satyendar Jain says that Rajiv Gandhi Hospital is having enough infrastructure. And equipment availability is also very high at this place so it can easily be converted for vaccine storage. Mr. Jain also said that Delhi should be given priority during the distribution of vaccines. Because this is the only place that is facing the high COVID cases number in recent months.

Hence, this is all that you should know about the vaccine storage facility at Delhi. To have regular updates get connect to us.

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