Mexico City Earthquake ,Magnitude 7.1 and killed 273 people – See latest Update Here

Ravleen Chawla

The Mexico city earthquake was traced at 1.15pm local time on Tuesday. Razing constructions and filling the air with chunky clouds of dust. As inhabitants left their offices and abode, dozens of which sustained harsh damage or collapsed entirely. It was midday, and the kids were still in school. President Enrique Peña Nieto has confirmed three days of grief for the victims. As rescue operations sustained for the second night, consideration was focused on the Enrique Rébsamen primary school, in Mexico City’s southern Coapa region.

Approximately 24 hours, later on, the earth quake-racked city is still digging through the debris for signs of survivors. However, one school, in particular, has drawn the frantic notice of rescue workers. At Enrique Rebsamen, a school frequently attended by elementary-school-age children. A whole division of the three-story structure had fallen in the temblor.

In minutes, dozens of students, as well as their teachers, had been fascinated or buried amid pancaked sheets of concrete and pebble. At slightest 21 children along with four adults died. At least 30 other people were missing till yesterday morning.

Hundreds swarmed the wreckage in the hours later than the building’s collapse: rescue workers, parents, soldiers, and neighbours. They carry what they had on hand, makeshift

It was not long previous to photographs along with videos appeared on social media, appeal for digging materials along with lists of kids names both missing and found. Still, additional posts showed burdened scenes of civilians dragging out sobbing children from holes in the ruins.

Up till now, 11 people here have been pulled from the debris alive. And worried families have held out hope there will be still more saved.
Volunteers say they have heard several sounds coming from the rubble, and families say several have received WhatsApp messages from children buried within.

As night fell over Mexico City, a firm rain began to fall. Search operations were slowed as workers spread tarpaulins above the rescue site. With the chance that lives can still be saved. Rescuers were battling to save several souls left under the rubble.

Additional than 500 members of the army as well as navy jointly with 200 police officers and volunteers have been functioning at the site. Mexico City authorities kept hopes lively yesterday, saying 52 populace had been rescued so far from collapsed buildings.

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