Consumption of Liquor in Public places ban in Goa

Ravleen Chawla

Liquor in public places in Goa

CM Manohar Parrikar alleged that the state government has decided to ban the drinking of liquor in public places in Goa and the state government will issue notice next month. Manohar Parrikar supposed at Swachch Bharat function “If somebody wants to sip liquor, they should drink inside and not in public places. In the following  15 days, I will hold a conference with government officials to forbid the consumption of liquor at public places.”

He supposed that the government would also impress fines or cancel licenses of liquor shops that permit people to drink close to the shops. He added citizens sit along roadsides and drink.  After drinking they smash the bottles on the road, which creates trouble.

Parrikar supposed the  Goa state government is serious concerning inculcating the practice of wearing helmets while riding two-wheelers.

He alleged the police would punish two-wheeler riders who are driving with no helmet.  And also tell them the benefits of wearing a helmet at the time of driving.

The preceding year, the Goa government had modified the Excise Duty Act, 1964, to inflict penalties on people. Penalties will be mainly on those who drink in public places identified as ‘No Alcohol Consumption Zones’ plus on beaches.

In May current year, police had started a clear out on populace found drinking in public places. Police have also made numerous arrests over the past few months.

It’s not that the law does not craft sense whether in Goa or anybody else. People who assemble outside, sip, smash bottles, create trouble do not be worthy of that privilege ever. If you cannot do it sensibly, you don’t obtain to do it at all.

But it still discloses our schizophrenic outlook towards alcohol in this country. On the one hand, we consider of drinking as cool, a sign of modernity and ease up the economy, a coming of age as a society, the idea that we are all adults now. On the other hand, state following state goes behind drinking as the cause of all evils, creeping towards ban and banning its sale in 500m of highways.

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