Kim Jong-Un Called Donald Trump “Mentally Deranged” Also Warned “Pay Dearly” For Threats

Ravleen Chawla

Kim Jong-un called  US President Donald Trump “mentally deranged”. He alleged  that Trump will “pay dearly” for the current threats aligned with his country.

North’s leader, Kim Jong-un supposed today that Trump is “unfit to grasp the privilege of the supreme command of a country”, describing the US  president as “a scoundrel and a gangster fond of playing with fire”.

Hours later on, North Korea’s foreign minister supposedly supposed his country may be set up to test a hydrogen bomb.This is to accomplish Kim’s promise to get the “highest-level” action adjacent to the United States.

Statement of Kim Jong-un was carried by the North’s administrator Korean Central News Agency. It reacts to Trump’s antagonistic speech at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

Trump cautioned Pyongyang that Washington would “ultimately destroy” North Korea if the US or its allies were attacked. He also mocked Kim Jong-un as “rocket man” and supposed he was on a “suicide mission”.

North Korea says it requires an active nuclear prevention to defend it from the violent US.   The autocratic government has made militarism a central division of its national ideology.

The country’s stated plan is to be capable of targeting the US mainland, and it has revealed off advances in its nuclear weapons programme in current weeks. Along with the September test of what it supposed was a miniaturised hydrogen bomb able of being loaded onto a rocket.

Kim Jong-un characterised Trump’s communication to the world body as “mentally deranged actions” and “the fiercest declaration of war in history”.

He alleged Trump’s remarks “have persuaded me, rather than frightening or stopping me. The path I chose is right and that it is the one I have to pursue to the last”.

Kim Jong-un alleged he is “thinking hard” regarding his response and that Trump “will face results ahead of his expectation”.

It is strange for the North Korean leader to issue a statement in his own name. It will additionally raise the war of words among the adversaries.

Kim Jong-un  “Currently that Trump has insulted me and my country in front of the eyes of the world.  We will think about triviality exercising of a corresponding, uppermost level of hard-line countermeasure in history.”

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