Locusts enter Maharashtra after wreaking havoc in MP and Rajasthan


From the reporting agency, it has been found that after wreaking havoc in MP, Rajasthan, and Gujarat a swarm of desert locusts has entered Maharashtra also. Around four to five villages are under the attack of these dessert locusts. In the last couple of days, they have messed up so many villages because they have the power to breed so fast. Due to these they are increasing and are throwing wreaking havoc in different parts of Indian states.

Updates have told us that first of all the dessert locusts swarm entered the state from Amravati district. After this the swarm went to Wardha and now to Nagpur’s Katol Tehsil. After all this, the joint director of agriculture said that the process of spraying chemicals on the crops is also under the process. Moreover, they are finding more methods to solve this problem of locusts attack.

Many Indian states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh have already been battling with this attack of locusts that emerged to India from Pakistan. But it has been found that they came from East Africa, hence, this is one of the worst attacks of locusts in the past 26 years. Agricultural Technology Management Agency said that this is going to be the first time when the locust’s attack will be fought with the help of drones and planes.

Ergo, it’s a request to the people to be at home and stay safe from all these things that are happening in 2020. Stay connected to know more.

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