Chinese Rocket Segment Plunges Back to Earth, Crashes Near Maldives

Jake Blake
chinese rocket segment plunges back to earth, crashes near maldives

Our development towards space and astronomy is plummeting at a rapid pace. We are in the era to witness some of the prolific changes in space travel and astronomy. The most intelligent species of the earth is trying to solve the mystery of the universe. Although is it nearly impossible to solve the enchanted mystery of our cosmos. The most common question, are we alone in this cosmos. All these questions sometimes haunt astronomers and scientists. The space program is in full throttle. All the countries of the world are now stern towards venturing the space and discovering something new.  


Famous entrepreneur and scientist, Elon Musk announced that his space agency “SpaceX”, will be the first space agency to colonize mars. We all are in the first phase of the space revolution. In the first phase. Humans will venture to all the planets and satellites of our solar system. But space programs and ventures also come with certain uncertainties. A little error and the whole particular venture can go in vain. We have seen examples of such tragedies.


The most devastating tragedy which cost human life was the crash of NASA’s space shuttle Columbia. This space shuttle was carrying a crew of seven members including Kalpana Chawla. Uncertainties and accidents in space ventures occur frequently. Recently China’s rocket Long March 5B got crashed and its debris making its way back to earth.




China’s space agency CNSA said, its rocket Long March 5B made its re-entry into earth’s atmosphere and disintegrated into fragments. The weight of the fragments of the Chinese Rocket was around eighteen tonnes. The debris of the rocket falls into the Indian Ocean on Sunday. Officials of china’s space agency CNSA assured that the debris of rocket 5B won’t cause any livelihood damage. Long March 5B rocket was launch on 29th April. It was launch to install the first module of china’s space station in space. Just after completing its mission, Long March 5B lost its contact with CNSA and get obliterated from its path. 





CNSA’s official reveal that most of the debris of the Long March 5B rocket got brunt while entering into earth’s atmosphere. The last debris of the Long March 5B Y2 launch vehicle made its re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere at 10:24 (0224 GMT) on May 9, 2021. Officials and space agencies from all over the world were hyperactive to monitor the position and location of the falling debris of the Long March 5B Y2 launch vehicle. An official from the US military’s space command said that the debris of the launch vehicle submerges into the Indian Ocean somewhere near north of Maldives.




All the scientists and space agencies were concerned after the news of the Long March 5B Y2 launch vehicle’s debris re-entry. The main reason of concern was, if the debris hits somewhere near a populated area, it could cause devastating damage. Eventually, the news about the hit brings a sigh of relief, as the debris falls into the ocean. The space program and ventures still require a lot of development to cut short these kinds of uncertainties.

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