India’s worst locust attack in 26 years: What’s happening all around?


Crops and vegetation are several Indian states that have been threatened by the attack of locust and these are the migratory pests that are very much dangerous for the crops. Therefore, it has been noted that this attack of the locust is one of the worst attacks after 26 years. These locusts are usually known to devour everything that comes in their path and damage most of the food supply as well as the livelihood of people. No one knows what is happening in the world? 2020 is full of difficulties as people are facing problems on a daily basis.

Here are some details about locust that have attacked India and several other parts of Asia and Africa. Have a look to know:

Desert locusts are considered to be one of the worst pests that can damage a huge amount of crops as well as they have the ability to breed very fast. Moreover, these are the pests that move in swarms and can consist of around 150 locusts per square hectare.

Dessert locust usually feeds on green vegetation and one square kilometer can ravage around 35,000 people’s crops and this is according to UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation.

Pakistan suffered the worst attack of locusts in 1993 and it has been found that in 2019 also they were attacked by locusts and this was one of the worst attacks of locust after 26 years. In June 2019 the locusts migrated to Pakistan from Africa. But they were not having favourable conditions to breed that’s why they migrated to India and now India is facing the worst attack of locust.

Four countries that were hardest hit by this locust are Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and it has been found that they are going to receive $160 million immediately.

These dessert locusts eat food in one day that is consumed by people in two days. Hence, this is going to be one of the worst attacks of locusts in between the pandemic COVID outbreak.


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