Africa: Lack of Coronavirus data raises the fear of “Silent Epidemic”


As we all that, the whole world is suffering from this global pandemic known as Coronavirus. Ergo, COVID-19 is one of the most deadly viruses that has taken the lives of so many people, and to know also we haven’t found out the vaccine of this deadly virus. The Medical Research Organizations of each and every country is trying so hard to find out the vaccination of this virus, so many drugs and medications have been found but still, they are not 100% curable.

In between all this, we came to know that coronavirus hit Tanzania mid-April, instead of Locking down the country, President John Magufuli called people and asked them to do prayers for seeking God’s protection from the scourage. Therefore, one month later after all this, he claimed that we have got victory over the disease and asked the tourists to return to his East African nation. This rush down of the African President to open the country came alarm from WHO (World Health Organization) over the lack of information and spread of the virus in a country of 55 million people. Ergo, Africa is the country having the region’s weakest healthcare systems.

Furthermore, the shortage of data in the African nations leads to a curse in the country. Public health experts say that sharing information is very much vital to tackle the pandemic in the African nation. This sharing of information will help in both planning the response as well as in mobilizing the donor funding. Ergo, it is very much clear the African nation has made a curse for itself.  According to the latest data, it has been found that Africa has a population of 1.3 billion is having more than 493,000 confirmed cases, and 11,600 deaths. Lately, another information came out that many of the health workers, diplomats, and even local officials are preventing the news of infection rates and deaths emerging in the nation. In simple words, the officials are hiding the numbers of confirmed cases as well as the number of deaths.

The Head of Emergency, Michel Yao said that we cannot help a country against its own will. In addition, he claimed that the WHO (World Health Organization) is not at all inviting us, we are supposed to be the main technical advisor but still, we are not invited. It seems like the WHO is preserving a working relationship with other countries.

Hence, the lack of COVID-19 data has raised the fear of “Silent Epidemic” in the African nation. Just stay connected to have more details about this. #Stay Home #Stay Safe

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