Why A Giant Piece Of Chinese Rocket Is Set To Hit Earth & What Could Happen When It Does?

Jake Blake
Why A Giant Piece Of Chinese Rocket Is Set To Hit Earth

The existence of humans is just a speck of dust the continuum of time. Our existence on this only liveable planet is just a fragment of the long duration of the evolution of our planet. Our existence is so fragile that a single micro-organism is causing havoc all over the world for more than a year.

We are developing at a rapid pace in science and space exploration. We are in the proliferation phase of astronomy. In the year ESA along with NASA released the first-ever image of a black hole. The curiosity of humans is propelling humanity towards a boundless universe.

Many space agencies are competing against each other to be on top of space exploration. NASA, ISRO, CNSA, ESA, and private firms like SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin galactic. These agencies are manufacturing and sending a variety of satellites. These satellites orbiting around earth in search of extra-terrestrial existence and to look beyond galaxies and nebula. Some of the developing countries like India and China are marching much faster than other space agencies of the world. These two countries are known for their cost-effective launch vehicles and rockets. China’s CNSA is in the limelight for some time because of its unreal and sometimes troublesome deeds.

A giant piece of Chinese rocket is on the path to hit Earth

An uncontrol Chinese Rocket of CNSA is orbiting somewhere along its path and scientist are predicting it will hit on Earth this weekend. The space debris is a part of the Long March 5B rocket. It is a launch vehicle. Just after the launch, CNSA lost control of the 5B rocket and it is going to fall back on earth. There is a fear and panic among people owing to the location of the fall of the rocket. The exact location of the fall is not known yet. The scientist said and assured the public that there is very little chance of causality because of the fall of Space debris. The debris of the March 5B rocket will most likely fall into the ocean.

Long March 5B rocket

Long March 5B rocket weighs around 21 tonnes. It is the heaviest rocket debris to fall back on earth ever. China space agency has assured that the coming space debris will not cause any damage to the human population and any infrastructure. It will fall into the ocean between latitude 41.5 degrees north and 41,5 degrees south. Re-entry of the space debris likely to be on Saturday or Sunday, most probably around 1.30 pm UTC (7.30 pm IST) on 8 May and 7.30 pm UTC on 9 May (1.00 am IST on 10 May). the location and timeline are just probable assumptions made based on calculation. exact location and time will be available after the fall.


We just don’t know where this space debris will hit. This kind of unnatural disaster shows the incompetency of space agencies. They are just in competitive mode against their rivals. The need of the hour is to give proper focus and attention towards developments of space shuttles. A minute mistake can cost a heavy loss, Both economical and livelihood. These kinds of accidents usually happen in a while. All we can do is hope it doesn’t cause any kind of damage and causality.

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