Ladakh: Chinese choppers spotted, IAF fighter plans have been rushed


Recently, the reports told that the Chinese choppers have been spotted in the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh. As soon as the Chinese choppers spotted the IAF (Indian Air Force) planes were rushed into that area.

On Tuesday, the IAF planes were rushed to LAC in Ladakh as soon as the alert about the tracing of Chinese choppers came. The incident comes within days of the Indian Army soldiers and troops of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) that were there engaged in a scuffle at the border of North Sikkim. The reports say that the Chinese troopers are trying to keep eyes on India and this is because they want India to be on toes. Therefore, this is very serious and shocking news for India in between the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. Hence, this recent incident of spotting Chinese choppers makes people think more that China is playing a game with each and every country.

As soon as this whole situation came out in front of the Indian Air Force, they started air patrolling because no one knows what China is trying to do. Firstly, they came out with such a deadly virus that is taking the lives of people from all around the world and nextly this keeping eyes on India. The government of India has highly securitized that place and the Indian Air Force is constantly doing its work of air patrol. However, the Chinese choppers did not cross the line of actual control. Meanwhile, the development has to come at a time when the Indian Air Force noted the increased patrol of Pakistani Force along the eastern border of India. The Indian Air Force has also increased the air patrol so that they can keep their eyes on the choppers of the different nations.

No one knows what is China trying to do, firstly this disease and now keeping eyes on India. Stay updated to have more information.

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