Yahoo CEO Mayer makes a comeback with new app launch


Recent updates say that Former Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer began her comeback to the tech scene on Wednesday. It has been claimed that Mayer is making a comeback with a new app launch. This new application going to be launched will aim at helping people by organizing out their contacts. If you are interested in knowing about the whole news then have a look down below. This is because we are going to inform you each and everything in detail regarding this. Let’s start:

The startup created by Mayer after departure from Yahoo in 2017 unveiled its application called Sunshine Contacts. This is an application that automatically creates a comprehensive set of personal and professional contacts. Everything is set from disparate places like phone, address book, email, and many others, according to the company. Furthermore, the CEO and co-founder of Sunshine says something. She said that all the essential technologies that help us in getting connect to those who matter most are antiquating. At Sunshine, we believe that there is immense opportunity to make the mundane magical. It is very much challenging and rewarding to tackle and getting start.

Probing further, Sunshine, based in Silicon Valley, has raised around $20 million of capital. And is also planning to launch down a series of other applications. The Sunshine contacts app is totally free and will be available for Apple iOS operating system. It will also aim by helping the users to create more organization of their personal and professional contacts. If you are similar to most people then definitely your contact cards on the phone must be so very messy. So, these are the only people for whom Sunshine has been designed.


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