Churu in Rajasthan is now the hottest Indian region with temperature 50 degrees


27th May 2020, it was reported that North India and South of Pakistan are going to one of the hottest regions in the world. This year is becoming devastating day by day and is going to be considered one of the worst years. It has been noted that the heat waves are increasing day by day and due to this Delhi is recorded with the hottest day in 18years with a maximum temperature of 47.6 degrees Celsius.

As we know that heatwave intensified the national capital of Delhi with 464 degrees of temperature. Along with all these scorching temperatures are seen in Rajasthan also with 50 degrees Celsius in Churu district, 47.4 degrees in the Bikaner, 47 degrees in Ganganagar whereas Kota has 46.5 degrees and Jaipur is having around 46 degree Celsius of temperature.

According to the weather department, it has been noted there will be relief in the heat infesting temperatures after May 28th. Under the influence of western disturbance and formation of east-west through rain and heavy thunderstorm can be seen in some parts of India. Assam and Meghalaya are already there on high alert because they are going to receive very heavy rainfall from May 26th to May 28th.

This all can be very much dangerous for people so it’s a request to everyone to stay homes and be safe because intensive heat can make people hydrated. Further, this can cause so many problems, so stay home and stay safe. We will have to stay together and fight with the things that we are facing this year. Ergo, stay connected to have more information.

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