Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor have an uncanny date of birth connection to the year 2020


Rishi Kapoor’s death at age of 67, left the whole nation into mourning. The entire nation was already stunned by the news of Irrfan Khan passing away. Ergo, these were the shocking 24 hours in Bollywood history. We lost two of our stunning and shinning Bollywood actors in just 24 hours.

People are just continuously thinking that why this year is becoming so tough for people. We are not yet out of the reports of COVID-19 and asteroid flying nearby the earth. Suddenly, we come to know about this death news of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. This is very much tough for the Bollywood as well as for the people because we cannot gather and give a last salute to these shining stars. Therefore, this is all because of COVID-19, we can only stay home and give them thanks for making us entertain with their skills.

But recently, we found that people’s attention is on the maths behind these shining actors’ birth dates and ages. Let’s tell you about this in detail. Rishi Kapoor was a person born in 1953 and he passed at an age of 67 while Irrfan Khan was born in 1967 and he passed at an age of 53. This is very much sad but an interesting mathematical conundrum indeed. The mathematics of life are doing rounds on the internet and is showing this uncanny connection between the dates of birth of these two actors. A thing that temporarily added spice to this news is mentioned below, just give a look and know about it.

When you add their year of birth with their ages, the total that comes out is 2020 i.e. 1953+67= 2020, 1967+53= 2020. However, this wonder was short-lived because whenever you add your age to your date of birth you will come to the year you are living in. Well, this is an uncanny connection between the dates of births of these two actors.

Therefore, this connection is not magical, it is just logical. Stay connected to have more updates on Bollywood.

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