Lockdown Guidelines- List of Economic Activities Allowed after April 20th, 2020

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Due to Coronavirus, almost all the economic activities of the country were prohibited. But after 20th April 2020, some of them will be allowed. Let’s tell you in detail about this, have a closer look at our article. According to the new updates, we came to a point that some of the economic activities are going to start after 20th April 2020 as per the guidelines of the central government. Ergo, the list is made after viewing the interests of farmers and daily wage earners.

Home Ministry today came out with a list of all the activities going to start after 20th April 2020. The activities that were prohibited are travel by air, road, train, operation of education and training institutes, commercial activities, hospital services and many more. Based on scrutinizing the performance of COVID-19, some activities will be made operational. Therefore, this is decided by the PM of India to make some activities operational. All the rural economy and daily wage activities are going to be operational. Here is a list of activities that are going to be operational:


    1. All goods transported will be allowed to start.
    2. Operation of railways- Transporting of goods and parcel trains will be operational.
    3. The operation of airports and things transported through the air will start for cargo movement, relief, and evacuation.
    4. The operation of seaports and container depots will also start. This will also include authorized custom clearing and forwarding agents.
    5. Operation of land ports for transportation of essential goods such as petroleum, LPG, medical supplies and other food materials.
    6. Movement of all trucks other goods/ carrier vehicles with around two drivers and one helper. Ergo, a valid license is very much important and is to carry. Apart from this, the empty truck will be allowed to ply after goods delivery or pickup of things.
    7. Shops of truck repairing and dhabas on highways will be operational as prescribed by state authorities.

Movement of all staff and contractual labourers for operations of railways, trains, buses, airways will be allowed on passes issued by the local authority.


    1. All the farming operations will be made operational after 20th April 2020. All the agencies including MSP operation will be started. Custom hiring centers related to farm machinery, movement of machines for sowing and harvesting will also be operational.
    2. Fisheries- Operations of fishing including feeding, maintaining, harvesting, processing, packaging will also start. The movement of fish workers, feed workers will also start for these activities.
    3. Plantations- Operations of tea, coffee, the rubber will be operational but with a maximum of 50% workers. Processing, packaging, sales and so many other related operations will also start with 50% workers only.
    4. Animal Husbandry- Collection, processing, distribution, milk sale by milk processing plants. This also includes supply chain and transport. The operation of poultry farms, hatcheries, and other livestock activities will start. Operating animal shelters like Gaushalas will also start.


    5. IT repairs, hotels, lodging, motels, warehouse services
    6. Electronic, Print media, DTH, and cable services.
    7. IT-enabled services will only 50% strength.
    8. Data and call centers for government activities only.
    9. E-commerce companies and transport used by them will be allowed to ply with all necessary operations.
    10. Government-approved service centers, courier services, and many others.
    11. IT repairs, hotels, lodging, motels, warehouse services and many other related to them only will also be operational.

4.Providing impetus to rural economies such as industries operating rural industries, food processing industries, construction of roads, irrigation process, buildings, and other industrial projects.

5.The guidelines also say that all the health services and social sector to remain operational. Public utilities will also work without any hindrance. Government and local bodies to remain open with the minimum strength required.

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