Lockdown gets extended for two more weeks in nation India


Coronavirus is increasing with a higher ratio in India as well, even after two lockdowns we are not able to get rid of this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. The current ratio of corona patients in India has reached above 35,000. Ergo, keeping all these things in mind the government officials have declared to increase the lockdown.

As per the previous guidelines, the lockdown was going to end on May 3rd, 2020. But now the lockdown has been increased for 2 more weeks. Therefore, this is lockdown 3.0 and this time the places therein the red zone will have more strict rules. According to the officials, India is having a very less ratio of corona patients as compared to others and this is all because of the continuous social distancing due to lockdown. Hence, this is the only reason the government has decided for lockdown 3.0 if the ratio of patients gets decreased then only the nation will open this lockdown. The officials have also said that there is no need to panic because we are going to provide all the essential items to the people. In addition, they said that the quarantined houses will be given door to door delivery for all the essential items. Moreover, the other necessary facilities such as doctors, medicines, etc. will be provided for the people.

In case, you are not able to get the proper facilities in your state or district, just give a call on the helpline number of that place. The police control rooms will definitely come forward to help all the people there in need.

Hence, get ready for this lockdown 3.0 because if you will stay home then only we will be able to get rid of coronavirus. So, it’s a request for all the people to stay home and stay safe. Your safety is in your own hands only, just follow the rules and get rid of this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

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