How To Get Free Edu email Address

Nick Clair

We all are well aware that only students belonging to the USA can access and create Edu email. Moving further let’s get to know about “edu”. It is an online platform that provides online education courses to students from various colleges and universities of the united states. So, the thing is, you will have to be a resident to create free edu email. But that doesn’t mean a student outside of the US can’t create free edu email. Here, we will talk about the process and method to generate free .edu email to access online courses on edu. It doesn’t matter if the user is a student or a college graduate, this method will work for everyone. Here, we will get to know how to get a free edu email. 

A lot of people ask how to get edu email free, they usually find themselves in trouble and ask I need a .edu email address. There are various methods by which a user can create a free edu email. The simplest way to create a fake edu email for amazon prime, but it will cost a certain amount. It is one of the easiest methods of the year 2021 to get free edu email. Earlier methods were quite complex and it required a registered US number. It was a tough job to get a free us phone number for verifications 2017. Although it is still possible to get one.  Let’s see how to get free edu email without any inconvenience. But we will talk about the most genuine, free, and 100% working method to get email. This method will have six steps. If all the steps are followed without making an error then the user can easily create a free edu account. 

Step-1 – First of all, the user needs to access the website Virginia community university and make an email id by providing fake details.

Step-2 – Now after successfully creating an account on the above-mentioned university the user needs to fill in his/her permanent address. Users can use the Fake address generator to generate an address. Now enter all the details of the address in the recently created email. These are the initial and important steps to create email account. There is various edu email generator available on internet by which a user can easily generate free edu email. 

Step-3 – Now the next step for the creation of free edu account will require total precision of the user. All you need to do now is to sav note down all the details of a fake name, address, and free edu email addresses either on the paper or simply copy and paste it in notepad.

Step-4 –After preserving all the details of the address and free edu email. The user will need to click on next/continue to complete the signup process.

Step-5– This step will have to be performed carefully to how to get a free .edu email.

  • First name and last name:User will need to enter the fake generated name to create.                              
  • Birthdate, Social Security Number (SSN): Enter your birthdate and health care number (SSN).
  • Gender: Enter as per your preference.
  • Racial or ethnic identification: Enter as per your ethnicity. But it must have to be the native of the US.
  • Hispanic or Latino: Must enter No here.
  • Have you ever applied, attended: Strictly enter No here to generate fake college email.

After filling above details review them at a glance and click on save and then continue to get a free .edu email.

  • Enter the Generated Temporary email: Enter the generated email which you have saved/written on notepad/paper.
  • Is this your permanent address: Yes

The user won’t need to provide his/her telephone number. You can simply move forward and review the entered details.

  • Which high school education: Strictly mention that you haven’t attended High School.
  • The last date attended:Enter the details as per the requirement, like if you want to generate free .edu email 2016 then enter the year 2016, if you want to generate and access edu online course free edu email 2018 and the same process will apply for free edu email 2019.
  • Highest grade completed: Here user can enter details of the highest grade according to his/her preference of education.

Have you ever attended:User should select No as you are faking your originality to get a email

  • I have planned to earn a degree: User must select No here.
  • Plan to start class: Here the user can select any available option of classes from the list as per his/her preference.
  • Have you ever served military: No need to click on the yes option, simply click on the No option to proceed further.

After entering all the details click on save and review all the details once more to look for any kind of errors. After reviewing precisely click on the continue button to proceed further.

  • Parent 1 and 2: Users can select any of their parents. It should be the choice of the user to enter the details of the parents.
  • What is your current status? you must enter “native us” to free edu email address.
  • Primary spoken language:The language which needs to be entered here must have to be regional US language and that is “English”. Users will need to opt for “English” as the primary spoken language for the proper verification to get free .edu email.

Step- 6– Now coming to the last step to get a free edu address. After successful completion of all the five above steps, the user needs to click on Save and then on the complete button. A new page will open and it will show the email address and password (it will be a temporary password). Note down all the details available on the page. Users can also change the temporary password and finally, free Edu email will be available to use. Users can use this email id to access all the courses on Edu.

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