Who is Rakesh Master?

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Dancing is a kind of exercise that helps in the proper functioning of the body. It relieves mental tension too. In India, dancing is in the blood, everyone is a dancer in itself. There are a lot of popular dancers in India who are being considered as best choreographers. Today we will talk about one such dancer who has influenced a lot of Indians to move their legs on the floor. Rakesh master is a prominent name in Bollywood when it comes to best choreographers. From childhood, Rakesh was interested in dancing since his childhood, her mother saw her talent at his young age. But there were no dancing classes in the Rakesh Master’s locality. So, he started to learn dancing by watching videos of different dancers. So, today we will get to know about Rakesh Master in detail, especially about Rakesh master wiki and his journey to becoming one of the most renowned dancers in India. Rakesh Master has influenced a lot of dancers and those influenced people have now become prominent names in Bollywood movies as well as south Indian movies.


Who is Rakesh Master?

Rakesh was born in Hyderabad and completed his study in the same city. The inspiration to become a dance ignited when Rakesh master age was only ten. He was watching “Disco Dancer” movie and decided that he will become a dancer. But there were no dance teachers available in his locality, Rakesh Master finds his teacher in the dance videos, from a very little age rakes regularly watch dance videos and try to copy moves of the dancers from the video. He was a student as well as a teacher too, Rakesh Master used to teach dance at a minimal fee of Rs.5. He is a self-learned man and whatever he has achieved now only because of his perseverance and hardware. Rakesh Master even went to Madras to try his luck as a dancer in movies but eventually, he realized that his talent is of no value at Madras. He returned and started his dance institute to teach dancing moves to students. In his dance institute, Rakesh master used to charge a very minimal amount to the students who are under privilege or those who are proficient but have no resources.

Movies Choreographed by Rakesh Master

Some of the prominent movies choreographed by Rakesh’s master were Shor (1972), Akka Thangi (2008), Hum Kahan Ja Rahein Hai (1966), Dhee (Reality Show). These are the best Rakesh master dance choreographer movies list. Rakesh’s master became a very known personality in his locality and people started giving attention because of his success. Now, Rakesh Master is considered one of the best dancing teachers as well as the best Bollywood choreographer. Rakesh master has a very keen interest in South Indian Food. He is very fond of it. Rakesh master Wikipedia details show that he is 47 years old now and he somewhere six feet tall.

Rakesh Master biography

After long years of struggle and dedication towards dancing, Rakesh Master reached the gate of success and deliver his talent on the big screen with outstanding choreography. In the initial years of his struggle, Rakesh master has even worked in small movies and commercials to make both ends meet. The first milestone he reached by working in a small comedy movie. The movie wasn’t a big hit but it opened the locked door of the destiny of Rakesh Master. Eventually, Rakesh Master started to work in dance reality shows, in those shows he tried to present his talent in front of the judges.

The reality show which gained him a lot of attention from viewers and prominent people was “Dhee”. He participated as a contestant and marked his presence as the best dancer on that reality show. “Dhee” was one the most viewed dance reality show of its time. People used to watch this show every eagerly and especially for Rakesh master. Rakesh Master is best known for his unique dance moves, His dancing style is elegant and different from others. There is a different kind of smoothness in the dancing style of Rakesh Master. Rakesh’s master’s distinct quality of dancing made him a popular face in the movies and the rakesh master choreographer movies list has grown long after his popularity.

Rakesh Master Journey as a dancer and choreographer has seen a lot of ups and downs. But eventually, he came out as the most prominent dance in this era. Rakesh Master has worked with a lot of popular south Indian actors. Some of these are Prabhas, Nagarjun, Ram Pothineni, Mahesh Babu, and Venkatesh. These actors have worked in Rakesh master movies. These are some of the most popular names in the industry with Rakesh Master has worked as a Choreographer. But still Rakesh Master is struggling to earn a better livelihood. In an interview, Rakesh Master revealed that he is an underpaid choreographer. Further Rakesh Master said that Other Choreographers are earning a lot and making a handsome amount of money from choreography but he is getting very little as compared to them. rakesh master choreography movies are still reckoned as the best choreograph movies ever made.

Rakesh Master Dance Journey

Rakesh Master’s journey to becoming one of the best choreographers is full of ups and downs. Rakesh Master gives credits to his friend to help him during his profound journey of becoming a prominent choreographer of the industry. Rakesh Masters revealed the names of his supporting friends and they are Venu Paul, Prem Gopi, and Girish. These all have helped him a lot when he was tired of his struggle and hardships of his life. Rakesh Master revealed the names of his best friends while giving an interview. Further, Rakesh Master also told in the interview that famous actor Tanikala Bharani also helped him mentally and showed him the right path in his struggling days. Actor Tanikala Bharani made him understand the concept of getting famous and taught him the way to earn popularity and fame in dance reality shows.

So, this was the journey of the most famous choreographer Rakesh Master.

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