6 Advantages Delivery Tracking Apps Provide to Businesses and Customers

Nick Clair

The eCommerce industry has come a long way since its conception, especially when it comes to innovation. Shipping and logistics play a crucial role in eCommerce; thus, one of the main focuses of the eCommerce industry’s innovation is developing shipment or delivery tracking applications.

In eCommerce, the delivery and shipping of goods are all about the application that notifies the location of the logistical cargo trucks and planes.

The majority of eCommerce business owners these days do not physically inspect or see the shipping container that carries the goods they deliver to their customers. However, they can track the goods via an application conveniently used via mobile devices and computers because of technology.

Having this kind of technology allows eCommerce businesses to become more productive, profitable, and accountable. It also provides convenience and peace of mind for their customers through real-time tracking and last-mile tracking.

To further understand how delivery tracking applications or software benefits and provides solutions to eCommerce businesses.

Comprehensive Logistics Tracking

Delivery tracking applications and software is better and more comprehensive innovation to determine the location of the parcel or package 24/7. It accurately provides the package’s departure and when and where it is scheduled to be delivered to the recipient’s doorstep or dropped off at a logistics facility.

Live tracking is what they call this kind of innovative way to tell the package’s exact location. Logistic carriers are proactively using live tracking technology to their planes and cargo trucks to provide their customers with the accurate location of their parcels.

Transportation Management System

Most delivery tracking apps use transportation management system software or TMS. It tracks where the package is in during transit. It also updates where the package is and by what means it is being transported. This innovative technology allows both the logistics company and their customers to update the package’s current location.

Last Mile Tracking

It refers to the final part of a package’s journey from the logistics company’s warehouse to the customers’ doorstep. Because of delivery tracking applications, customers can access various tools through their delivery tracking app, including last mile tracking.

While customers can track their parcels through delivery tracking apps or websites, last-mile tracking lets customers see the status of their order multiple times before each of its delivery. It is very beneficial on both sides of the eCommerce business and their customers since it prevents shipping problems such as missed delivery schedules and wrong address delivery.

Improves Awareness of the Package’s Condition

Delivery tracking apps provide real-time conditions of the packages such as humidity, temperature, and other terrain-related circumstances which affect the product that is being shipped. It is very crucial, considering there are perishable packages that require special attention and shipment. Delivery tracking apps notes the current local temperature, traffic, and other factors that affect the package that is being delivered.

Highly Scalable

Delivery tracking apps open up more space for growth on the business side. It has a simple but multi-channeled application with support for countless users. In return, consumers begin to trust the eCommerce business that utilizes a delivery tracking app, knowing it provides accurate information of their package’s whereabouts.

User Friendly

Delivery tracking apps are designed to provide convenience and ease of use. It does not need people to be that techy with their mobile devices or their computers. They need to copy and paste the tracking number of their package tracking to learn about its current location, last mile tracking, and the estimated delivery schedule.

Lastly, most delivery tracking apps are designed to be compatible with Android and IOS phones making them more accessible.

Final Thoughts

Everything about delivery tracking apps is designed for seamless operation in the delivery management systems without sacrificing effort, labor, and time. Delivery tracking apps have more benefits than those listed above, but most importantly, this innovation in eCommerce and logistics paved the way for progress and convenience on both sides.

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