What is a mail forwarding address and how can you set one up?

Smith Levis

A mail forwarding address not only provides a convenient mail delivery solution but can also help your business make a great impression. Here we’ll look at exactly what a mail forwarding address is, and more information about how a mail forwarding service can help your business.

How does mail forwarding uk work?

Rather than having mail for your business delivered to your home address, you give all your business contacts an alternative address – the mail forwarding address. When mail is then received at the mail forwarding address – the service providers resend it to an address convenient to you.

‘Why would you do this?’ you may be asking. We touched on the main two reasons at the start.

Protect your privacy-

Some business owners are understandably reticent to give their personal address out to customers, suppliers, or other business contacts – just in case they get unexpected / unwelcome visitors. Mail forward services can act as a shield, protecting the residential address from the public.

Give your business prestige-

First impressions count. If a business owner gives a residential address as a business address, or an address that’s not based in a part of the country associated with successful business – it doesn’t necessarily help the business. In some instances it can even have a detrimental impact on the business. There are of course some instances where being homebased could put a positive spin on a company – one that were involved in handcrafted goods for example – but for a large amount of businesses, being homebased could make a business and its owners look ‘amateur’. 

Setting up your mail forwarding address-

Now this is simple! Find a service provider based in a part of the country that you want your business to be based. For example, mail forwarding London is particularly popular as many people want their business based in the capital. Once you’ve found a service that you like the look of, make the required payments and provide the necessary info (most will need you to provide some identification) – you then need to state how you want your mail handled (forwarded on to you, held for collection or scanned and emailed).

Your mail forwarding service should then be active!

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