Photo Album: Personalising Digital Photographs

Nick Clair

In this digital age, we take photos primarily using our mobile phones. Still, as apps emerge to make pictures more appealing, it becomes more apparent that perhaps digital photographs are meant to be printed, stored, and organised as a way to chronicle memories. Aussies’ love for the outdoors complements experiences captured digitally, but to commit these to memory, consider compiling printed photos. You can buy photo albums online to store and protect your photographs adequately.

Why Print Digitally Stored Pictures?

  • Some Digital Files Deteriorate

For the most part, amateur photographers don’t know that JPEGs (.jpg) files might deteriorate with time. When you choose the “save as” option in many apps, the software compresses the file. When you open, modify, and save a JPEG image, it loses a small amount of quality each time. Please take a photo and save it to your camera, phone, or cloud service first to get a better picture. Printing it immediately means publishing the best version of your images.

  • Technology Is Not Foolproof

As much as Google, iCloud, and Dropbox strive to establish a failsafe system, no system can ever be completely failsafe. Digital data may appear secure and impermanent, but there is always the risk of a platform going out of business or raising its rates beyond what you can pay, no matter how much we love the notion. Likewise, as sad as it would be to lose all of your photos before printing them, there is no way to get them back once they are gone.

  • Physically Look at Them

Is there someone in your life who enjoys gazing at their images on your phone again and over? Those are your children! When we’re just back from a vacation, wedding, or other significant occasions, we’re more likely to spend time with them than we are when we’re not. Unless you print your images, you’re not looking at them, which is a waste of some pretty good pictures. No doubt, if you display particular photos on the wall or place albums on the coffee tables in the living room, they’ll be glanced at frequently.

  • Albums Are Valuable Keepers

For years, decades, and even several generations, photo albums are looked at, discussed, and used as a means of bringing families together. In times of sadness, anniversaries, and birthdays, they serve as a method to introduce our children to people they never had the chance to meet, and picture albums are a way for us to remember those who have passed away.

Future generations can’t enjoy or recover their memories if you don’t print out, record, and conserve these photos in tangible form.

  • Photos Can Be Edited

Even with the most basic digital photo tools, it is possible to edit images to perfection, making up for what the actual moment lacks. For example, you may change the lighting, colour saturation, add cool effects, remove red-eyes, and so on.

How to Organise your Collection

  • Frame your favourite photo to become artwork. Consider having them printed in black and white for a timeless appeal.
  • Experiment with different sizes to make a framed picture collage.
  • You can buy photo albums online, label photographs, indicate the date and place where the picture was taken, and make memory recall more fun.
  • Try scrapbooking to integrate other items from a trip like a plane ticket or museum pass. Let the artist in you come out to play.

If you can, save your most prized photos in a fireproof safe, such as wedding photos, professional shots, or copies of your all-time favourites.

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