Coronavirus Updates: Thousands and Liters of the Bear is Flowing Out Through the Drain in Delhi, NCR


Due to lockdown, the beer companies have been asking the government for the home supply, but the government refused for this. Instead of consumption, the beer plants now have to drain the fresh beer made by them. Around 50 beer companies are there to drain off the lakhs liters of beer. Ergo, it going to be spoiled because the cost of saving the beer from spoiling is very high, that why the decision to drain them off has been taken.


  1. The lockdown has forced the beer companies to spoil all the fresh beer made by them.
  2. Around 50 beer plants are there to drain off their beers which are there in lakhs liters quantity.
  3. The beers made are not yet stored in the bottles. Ergo, it has been said that the cost of preventing them from spoilage is more high tan draining them off.
  4. Moreover, for the prevention of beer manpower is very much important and this is not possible.

As per the orders of government, the lockdown has been increased till the 3rd of May. This is for the safety of each and every person living in the nation. Keeping these things in mind the government of NCR, Delhi forced the beer plants to do this. They said them to shed off all the beer made by them because it is not possible to supply them home to home. Instead of preserving it in bottles, the companies thought of draining them off. Because the cost of storing them in bottles is very high rather than disposing of them.

More than one lakhs liters of beer has been spilled. Lalit Alahwat and Striker dumped 5000 liters of beer in Gurugram. Similarly, the prankster promoter has spilled more than 3000 liters of beer. Amidst of all this, more than 50 microbreweries have been thrown away from Delhi, NCR.

Fresh Beer gets spoiled faster than bottled beer- The government made a suggestion that the companies should save the beer for future use. But they said that the cost for the preservation of them is much higher and keeping them without packaging is not good. Because without packaging of beer it gets spoiled easily. This is why the draining decision has been taken by the government.

Breweries were loaded at the time of lockdown- Before the lockdown period, the beer companies were stored with more and more stocks of beer making products. Lockdown is not just the threat, but the companies are thinking that even after the lockdown gets over the people will come less to beer shops. This is because of the social distancing decision, and the only reason why people will come less to the beer shops.

Ergo, this is very bad news for all the beer consumers. If you want to get more corona updates, then stay connected with us regularly. #STAY HOME #STAY SAFE!!!

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