Carry Minati suppressed the Filhal song by B. Praak from Akshay Kumar’s movie


After breaking so many records of viral video on the internet, Carry Minati again made a video that has become one of the most liked videos on YouTube. Therefore, this is the latest video and it suppressed the Akshay Kumar movie Filhal song by becoming one of the most liked videos.

The Indian YouTuber Carry Minati posted this video four days ago and went completely viral. Therefore, it was found that it goes on to beat K-pop band BTS‘s several songs in Likes count in the first 24 hours. Moreover, in just 2 days this video of Carry Minati suppressed Filhal song by B Praak. Now 4 days, after this video has become one of the famous Indian videos as it has suppressed all the likes of previous highly liked video by B. Praak that is Filhal. One of the best things about this news is that all the previous highly liked movies were all songs but this is a comedy video. Therefore, the love and support shown to this video were very much unexpected and unimaginable.

Filhal song got love and support and gained around 768M views with 6.6M likes in six months whereas this comedy video by a 1-year-old gained 6.8M views in just 2 days only. Therefore, this was very much interesting and has broken so many previous records.

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