Non-Stop Travel Between Gurgaon and Delhi Via Signal free Highway?

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6012From the upcoming news, it has been found that one project for a Gurgaon and Delhi signal-free highway is passed.


  1. AAP (Aam Admi Party) to make the travel easy for people.
  2. A signal-free highway is going to be build between Delhi and Gurgaon.
  3. The estimated time for completion of a project is 2020. The amount for this project is around 6000 Crore.

Signal free highway:

A signal-free highway is going to be build between Gurgaon and North Delhi just to make the travel easy and more appropriate. On 29th March 2019, this project is approved by the Corporation department and the government. If everything goes in a planned manner, then the construction will be completed by the year 2020.

Hectic for people of Delhi:

Everyone traveling to Delhi from Gurgaon knows how much hectic is that because there are a lot of traffic jams, the roads are fully chocked with fumes. Therefore, Delhi NCR is the worst place to travel. Now, a hearty thanks to the AAP (Aam Admi Party) that decided to construct a highway for non-stop travel between Gurgaon and Delhi.

People can do non-stop travel:

The government has proposed that people can have a non-stop travel between Gurgaon and Delhi. They can easily travel from one place in Gurgaon to other places in the Indian capital (Delhi).

signal free highway

Traveling will become easier for people:

The government has made this easy by passing a project of building a new elevated road corridor between these 2 cities. This new road corridor will enable people to travel from north to east Delhi or from Indra Gandhi International Airport to Gurgaon. This can be done easily without stopping any signals because the highway is going to be signal-free.

About the project:

The Gurgaon and Delhi signal-free highway project will be starting from the signature bridge in Wazirabad. Then it will connect to North Delhi to Gurgaon. Therefore, it will be a 29km road stretch that will pass from Kamla Nagar, Mayapur, and Dwarka. The signal-free highway corridor will include around 3km long tunnels. Therefore, a dedicated passage for electric buses will also be there. The plus point of this highway road will be that, it will reduce the time of travel.

About project submission:

The project is properly submitted to the PWD department (Public Work Department) and to the Transportation Infrastructure Center. After, the approval from these departments the construction will get started as soon as possible. Therefore, construction done in a planned manner can complete this signal free highway by 2022. The estimated amount for the project is approximately 6000Crore.

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