Forest fire breaks out in Indian state, Uttrakhand


In between the outbreak of COVID-19, the mercury levels are increasing on a higher scale. Ergo, it has been noted that the Uttrakhand forest fire has now reached its peak. The state has reported 46 wildfire incidents and around 51.34 hectares of forest cover has gutted. Moreover, the forest department has incurred a loss of around Rs 1.32 lakhs due to forest fire instance this year.

The officials are saying that this year is going to be very tough because each and every state is going through so many problems in between the COVID pandemic. Furthermore, they said that around 21 wildfires have been reported in the Kumaon region whereas the Garwal region and reserve forest areas have witnessed 16 and 9 wildfire instances respectively. The forest fire department is taking action to solve this problem but because of winds the forest fire is not coming under control. The forest department said that more and more teams will be called to extinguish out this problem.

We got saddened during the forest fire of Amazon and Australia but why not in the time when our own Uttrakhand is burning. Due to this situation more than India’s half of bird species are in danger. We will have to take up a step to control this forest fire or else we can just pray to God to save people from these tough situations of 2020. 2020 is going to one of the worst years that people will remember always. Let’s stand together and pray to God to save us from such situations.


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