Mark Zuckerburg: Facebook Canceling Large Events and Will Allow People to Work From Home this Summers

Jake Blake

Mark Zuckerburg on Thursday announced that Facebook is going to allow the employees to work from home these summers. Further, he said that we are not going to organize any large events until July 2021.

Most of the employees can work productively from home. Ergo, this is a statement written by Zuckerburg in a Facebook post. This decision is taken so that we can stop the outbreak of COVID-19. Moreover, this will also help in making the communities safe. Zuckerburg outlines that we are sending the employees home so that they can work from home effectively and the work from home will be till the end of May. Facebook will also extend its policy of no business travel through at least June of this year just to break the chain of Coronavirus.

We know that most of the people are not able to work from home whereas other employers can. He also said that society is eventually starting to re-open, but will be open slowly in staggering ways, so that people can work from home safely without any problem future outbreaks. Additionally, the Facebook Company said that we are not going to host any event having 50 or more people through June 2021. Instead of this company will host virtual events with gatherings of small size only.

Zuckerburg’s announcement is the latest in order to prevent its employees from the pandemic of Coronavirus. From the past two months, Facebook has canceled so many events such as the F8 annual software developer conference and many more. Furthermore, it has given employees to work from home and have also given employees 1000 bonuses for home and child care services. They have also provided video calling devices for employers.

Hence, this is all that Murk Zuckerburg said on Thursday. Stay updated to have more information regarding COVID-19.#STAY HOME # STAY SAFE

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