Ram Vilas Paswan: Union Consumer Affairs Minister passes away at 74


From the recent updates, it has been found that Ram Vilas Paswan, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs has passed away today. According to the reports, Ram Vilas Paswan was 74 and recently went a heart surgery in a Delhi hospital. Chirag Paswan the son of Ram Vilas Paswan tweeted on Twitter in the evening that father died. He added that Papa is no more in the world, we are going to miss him and also said that I know you are always there with me whenever I’ll need you. Further, Chirag Paswan adds that you will be missed.

Probing further, through the reports of media it has been found that Ram Vilas Paswan was admit to the hospital over the last few weeks. He was the one who has long suffered from heart problems and underwent heart surgery also but today he passed away. During his five-decade-long career, Paswan has served as a Union minister under several prime ministers. And his party has been a member of all national coalitions. After eighth a time Member of Parliament in Lok Sabha, Paswan was consider to be one of the best Dalit leaders. Ram Vilas Paswan was born on 5 July 1946 at Shaharbanni village in Khagaria, eastern Bihar. He completes a master’s and a law degree from Bihar civil service examination and was then select as superintendent of police. But he did not accept the job because he was the one interested in politics.

Later on, He began his political career as a member of SSP (Samyukta Socialist Party). In 1969, Ram Vilas Paswan got selection in Bihar Legislative Assembly. Later, next year he became joint secretary of the SSP’s Bihar branch. In 1974, he was the general secretary of the Bihar branch of the new Lok Dal. Slowly and Slowly his post increased. Now he is consider to be one of the best Union Consumers Affairs leaders. But today he passed away at 74.

So many leaders, celebs, and other people gave condolences to his family through tweets. We also would like to pray to God that may his soul rest in peace. And may his family get the power to handle all the things.

Hence, get in touch to have regular updates.

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