The Impact of Dyslexia Training in a Classroom Setting

Nick Clair

One of the important roles a teacher undertakes is establishing a learning environment that helps students feel comfortable and learn effectively. If you are an educator helping students who have dyslexia, there are training courses you can attend to learn about the ortongillingham Approach to teaching dyslexic students. It is a remarkable tool that aids educators develop multisensory, individualized, and structured methods that will benefit their dyslexic students.

What Is Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a reading disability caused by a disruption in the part of the brain that processes and understands language. Most dyslexic children still have normal vision and intelligence and can achieve success in schools particularly equipped with a specialized instructional programs. Also, emotional support from teachers and parents can play a critical role in dealing with dyslexia. Early intervention and assessment for dyslexia can give the best outcomes. While the severity of the condition can vary, symptomsusually become apparent when children begin to learn how to read.

Here are some good reasons why training to handle dyslexia should be a must for teachers.

Learning difference is widespread, and teachers need to address it.

Without effective and informed support, one in every ten students might not receive the appropriate education. This prevalence makes it even more crucial for educators to know how to teach young dyslexics with learning difficulties and offer them ways to learn differently.

The teacher can implement a step-by-step approach.

In a typical school setting with a set timeline, the teacher faces the challenge of ensuring that all students in the class improve on their reading skills. With proper training, the teacher should know how to approach this concern by breaking down reading groups into smaller sections, allowing each student to master reading at their own pace.

Dyslexia does not affect underlying ability.

Dyslexia needs proper involvement and intervention. Dyslexic students with proper support have as much chance as their classmates at reaching passing grades. Dyslexia training can help teachers detect the condition early in their students and allow them to provide the best support.

Many educators do not know the right way to help dyslexic students.

In general, educational training programs do not cover pupils with dyslexia. Training educators on evidence-based techniques focused on learning differences can help teachers identify struggling students and avoid overlooking their special needs. The Orton Gillingham Approach is a proven and effective method to help dyslexic pupils reach their full potential.

Apply the multisensory method of learning.

Dyslexia training stresses the importance of using a multisensory approach to education. For example, some dyslexics can lack phonemic awareness, which can affect how they understand spoken instructions. Teaching with a phonics-based technique can help effectively improve their reading skills.

A highly-trained educator should know how to use a combination of touch, hearing, kinetic and visual elements in daily instruction to help students comprehend the connection between words, sounds, and letters. For example, the teacher can prompt the students to learn a letter of the alphabet by looking at it, writing it, and sounding it out aloud.

Training allows for flexible implementation.

After being certified in dyslexia training, educators can include various aspects they learned from their courses into their curriculum. As educators evolve and students continue to learn, instructional approaches like the ortongillingham are designed to be flexible for continuous classroom learning.

High-quality professional development courses can provide teachers with the best tools and resources to help them deal with dyslexia in class. The training enables them to meet the needs of young dyslexics and teach these pupils how to manage their weaknesses and channel their strengths for an overall positive learning experience.

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