Top 10 Reasons Why A Student Of Telangana Did Not Want Sri Chaitanya College To Be Banned

Jake Blake
Sri Chaitanya College - 10 reasons why Sri Chaitanya College should not be banned.

Hey Everyone, I would like to point out why students were against the fact that Sri Chaitanya should be banned!

Sri Chaitanya College has a rich legacy, being conceived as an institute of excellence. It is important to understand where the Institute comes from, where its ethos lies and why it does deserve the status it gets. People here, and people associated with the institute work tirelessly to ensure that the envisioned level of excellence is maintained. And hence, like a true student oriented college, I think what makes Sri Chaitanya special are the 4P’s : People, People, People and yes, People.


I think one of the biggest reasons that make Sri Chaitanya special in its own right is the faculty. We have extremely renowned academics, professors and thinkers as faculty. Some professors here even do have followers like a cult, because of the knowledge, insights and sheer wisdom they bring to the classroom. In problem-solving methods, professors are able to generate wonderful insights which helps the students to learn outside the box making space for curiosity. The faculty also strive hard to maintain a level of excellence at the institution, working on research, with the industry and leading think tanks to improve problem solving thinking. It’s no wonder that there are so many students who acquire higher rank than any other colleges in the state. Here the stress on learning to understand is more than just to learn and let it go.


All administrative functions, be it the admissions process, the joining process, programme administration are amazingly smooth. Most people tend to look over the administration, but they work very hard to ensure that issues that may hamper the pursuit of excellence. There are no hassles that may distract or hamper knowledge creation or learning, and it’s a big thumbs up to all the staff involved here, who pursue excellence in their own right. This also helps the student who is going through that strenuous process much-needed support and guidance that helps them to keep them positive throughout


I think Sri Chaitanya Institute has one of the strongest alumni networks. There are corporate professionals who will talk to you like a friend when they visit the institute or possibly drop by in your class. Anybody who is willing to learn more about any particular subject or looking to initiate something of their own along with the faculty you also find alumni’s to guide you in this. The alumni of the student and also the connections of the faculty have worked very hard and persevered to be where they are, and their paths. To have the privilege of talking to esteemed alumni across fields, is something that makes this place even more special.


And finally, the students, there are some extremely talented, smart, hard-working and humble people that you will meet here. Students  offer great learning insights to others who may have any doubts or queries as the setup that exists in Sri Chaitanya College allows you to be competitive but also help and work together. Recent stress on academic diversity has brought in a set of wonderfully different views that make the learning process even more interesting. And there aren’t only academically strong students, they excel at sports, dance, music, dramatics, literary activities and so many other spheres in student life. And, though there may be quite a rigorous coursework, students here do have a life.

School to College Transition

High school (public or private), does not truly prepare a student for the plethora of careers that are available. There are Many majors in college, and even more career paths after one graduates. This becomes a very personal choice. I was interested in Physics and thought I would go into (then) nuclear physics. By then I realized that I was interested in engineering. Thank Goodness that I had been admitted to an excellent engineering university. Had I been only at a college that had science, I would have been lost. One should only attend a college that has engineering majors, no matter what you believe your major will be.

Hours of study

Some of you out there must be toppers of your class or among the top 10% of your class. But that is just a performance in your class or best at a school level. It means till now you have been competing among a small student base of 50 – 1000 students.

But once you start preparing for IIT-JEE or NEET entrance, the competition is huge.So my advice is that you seriously need to scale up your efforts to face the competition and that is what happens in Sri Chaitanya College.


Sri Chaitanya prepares you mentally as well as physically to face this competition. Mentally, you need to think wide when you think of the competition you are facing. So don’t get defocused and remember that you have to compete with unknowns so you have to put your all efforts in it to excel.

May you have scored well in your school level examinations by not even spending 20 hours on studies at home but this is not going to be enough with such a huge competition. You need to scale up your efforts and set a target of 50-55 hours of studies at home every week and you have to scale up step by step where the apt guidance of Sri Chaitanya Faculty members come into use.


Here Sri Chaitanya gives you plans to help you plan your days for the extremely competitive environment and challenges

  • For the first week you try to cut down your times which you are spending in other works by 2 to 3 hours
  • Next week cut down your times which you are spending in other works again by 2 to 3 hours
  • You cannot start studying 1o hours a day suddenly whereas earlier you are studying for 3 to 4 hours
  • Try to do the same as earlier, Increase your study time from 3-4 to 6-7 hours and in next week or after 2 weeks scale up to 9 to 10 hours.

Tick mark the objectives

Sri Chaitanya makes your focus stringers which makes your study pattern fueled with full concentration, no disturbance, and continuously for 3-hour sessions. The idea is to simulate real exam conditions. While studying, you have to create an atmosphere as if you are sitting in the exam. They also help in pointing out what one should avoid like mentioned below.

  • Study on a desk if you have it at home. Avoid studying while lying down on a bed.
  • Don’t get up from your desk during 3 hours of study session. Even not for drinking water.
  • Don’t listen to music during studies. If you have a habit, then slowly come out of it by reducing it day by day.
  • No phone calls and no SMS during studies.
  • Study with 100 percent concentration as if you are sitting an exam.


Sri Chaitanya makes sure to remind you that for the next 2 years you have to give your best to get admission in a good college. They prepare you in a way that makes you take the challenges upfront rather than quitting on them. In current time competition stresses out the students but this is what where the right guidance of an amazing faculty set comes to play. Like I mentioned earlier the stress on understanding is more important than just learning without knowing its application and nuances. The more one goes deep about the subjects, the more it gets clearer and better.

Sri Chaitanya College gives students an environment to grow and prosper as a student, which gives them assurance and confidence to perform better rather than any other colleges.  So if I say, Sri Chaitanya is one of the most qualitative colleges of the state and student should be absolutely sure that this one would be one of the best decisions of their life.

So banning it seems no chance

Hope it has answered your question well.

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