The Relevance of Microsoft DA 100 Certification Exam

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The Relevance Of Microsoft Da 100 Certification Exam

In the present era, data analysis has turned into a need for organizations worldwide. The process of data analysis helps in putting any set of data that is gathered into actual use. The exam titled DA 100 is a certification for a Data Analyst role under the hierarchy of Azure certifications. Clearing a DA 100 test enables one to become a Data Analyst Associate that is certified by Microsoft.

Data Analysis Growth

Holding a DA 100 certification can help us live in an age of data analysis explosion. The fact that tools for analyzing data are constantly becoming more economical and more powerful makes them more accessible to small businesses. Previously, small businesses did not have access to these tools. In the past, only larger organizations for whom the required skills, software system, and computer were accessible could make good use of the process of data analysis.

Here is a table explaining the various skills that are tested in the DA 100 exam

Skill measured Weightage Relevance of the Skill

Data Preparation

20-25% ●        Getting data from various data sources

Profiling the data

Cleaning, transforming, and loading the data

Modeling the Data


●        Designing a data model

●        Developing a data model

●        Creating measures by using DAX

●        Optimizing model performance

Visualizing the data 20-25% ●        Creating reports

●        Creating dashboards

●        Enriching reports for usability


Analyzing the data







●        Enhancing reports for exposing insights

●        Performing advanced analysis

Experience required for DA-100

Familiarity with data or exposure towards understanding data sources and managing data are helpful for someone planning to take this exam. This stands applicable whether the data is a web service, file, or report. In addition, data may be reached through multiple sources.

Also, some amount of exposure to reporting concepts or tools is a plus point. Additionally, some other generic exposure to other tools such as Power BI, etc., is advisable. Again, though, this requirement is not compulsory.

Career prospects after taking the DA-100 test

Here are some of the career options for candidates clearing the DA-100 test:

  • Data Analyst: After receiving the DA 100 test certification, the primary career that can be built is a Data Analyst. A Data Analyst is expected to use tools to generate reports for the organization concerned by retrieving data from different sources.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: The DA 100 test is also helpful in making a career as a Business Intelligence Analyst. The term Business Analyst can be used interchangeably with the term Data Analyst by some organizations. Business Intelligence is associated with using the data to help the business take decisions or predict the path or outcome of any specific decision. However, unlike a Data Analyst, the role of a Business Intelligence Analyst has more to do with what should be done after any data is massaged and digested.
  • Database Administrator: A Database Administrator who has cleared the DA 100 exams is expected to be familiar with some crucial processes and technologies involved in data analysis. The foundational or primary role of a Data Analyst should be clear to a Database Administrator. It is usual for a Database Administrator to shift data from various files to the central database and then export it. Hence, indirect exposure to the basics of data analysis is also a must for a Database Administrator. This aspect is necessary because Database Administrators are often expected to develop views and simplistic reports to retrieve the essential data. In addition, database Administrators are required to administer the overall management of data.

Significant Additions made by Microsoft

Presently, Microsoft has added 12 Microsoft Azure certifications comprising 14 exams with three different levels of the organization, namely “Fundamental,” “Associate,” and “Expert.” The DA 100 test grants the associate level of certification.

Any Microsoft certification aims primarily to build the required skills and impart the knowledge needed for various roles in marketing jobs. This purpose was defined after holding a community engagement and noting down different job requirement skills.

Benefits of Azure Certification

Paying an Azure certification cost can lead to a fruitful career. Here are the various benefits associated with opting for a Microsoft Azure certification:

  • Salary hike: Azure certification training helps in earning higher salaries across the world. Several job portals have stated that the average salary of an Azure Developer is around USD 130,000 and that for an Azure Architect is approximately USD 144,000 per annum. Again, though, the salary range may differ depending upon the job role, experience, and location.
  • Cloud Platform Training: The cloud platform holds a significant share in the current market. Microsoft Azure is among the leading providers of cloud solutions. Skills associated with Microsoft cloud certification can act as a gateway to new career opportunities. Getting trained in a cloud platform with a massive share in the market can be beneficial.
  • Career Growth: The fact that this certification is role-based with “Fundamental,” “Associate,” and “Expert” levels helps in assuring growth as one reaches a higher level upon the enhancement and up-gradation of skills.

Therefore, for aspiring Data Analysts, DA-100 can open a plethora of promising job opportunities. Furthermore, if they expand their skills with the help of other certifications, they will excel in their careers in no time as it will help the employers identify the candidates based on their skills.

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