Corruption In The USA Universities Hidden Behind The Loud Words

Jake Blake

Corruption in the universities of the USA

“The duty of youth is to challenge corruption.”

Nowadays, we live in the society where there is a lot of anxiety about the future. The USA puts more and more money into the higher education for the last 35 years as a way of dealing with this anxiety.

American universities have one of the most extensive credit systems, which require students to have a certain level of financial literacy and the ability to make a prudent choice. The complexity of the system often contributes to a bad attitude from the universities. In 2012, an investigation by the New York State Prosecutor’s Office showed that a number of university managers recommended borrowing not from those creditors who offer the most favorable terms, but from those with whom managers had business connections as members of their supervisory boards or shareholders. Sometimes some American universities act on the verge of a foul, but quite legally. In an effort to attract as much federal funding as possible, their recruiters recommend the students who enter the university to borrow federal funds, despite the insufficient level of preparation for university studies.

Untruthful information about universities’ programs

Most of the corrupt practices during the university admission process take place in universities that disseminate false information about their programs. One of the most popular criteria by which young Americans choose universities is the rate of graduates’ employment. However, due to a number of circumstances, this parameter is criticized very often. Neither at the federal level nor at the state level there is no a single standardized requirement for all to calculate and publish these indicators. That is why universities can often submit to the accreditation organizations of different levels the data which is very different from each other. Most universities, when they publish employment indicators, do not indicate whether the job was found in accordance with the qualifications provided, as well as the number of graduates who were covered by the monitoring.

How do we fight with the corruption

In 2009, two students from Vanderbilt University launched the Law School Transparency website, which accumulates detailed data on the employment of graduates and the results of the university admission process. It helps to make a more balanced choice for students who wish to study the law. The site uses data from legal schools and reports to the American bar association, which universities voluntarily provide to the website team. By the way, ABA is one of a few accreditation organizations, requiring rather detailed reporting on the indicator of employment for accreditation.

When the student chooses the university to study in, they must do the thorough research in order not to be fooled by the ‘loud campaign’. It’s a very own choice of each and every student whether to support the corruption and pay the money you shouldn’t or to fight it and make it public.

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