Tips to Stay Calm While Taking the GRE

Nick Clair

The time limit set for GRE is 3.5 hours. These few hours you sound in giving the test will determine your professional and academic future in the coming years. This thought is enough to freak anybody. But, if you are looking for ways to overcome this constant worry before the examination, we are going to give you some tricks that may come handy.

Giving Yourself the Time

Do not shy away from quality preparation. Join one of the GRE test prep courses in Singapore to be fully prepared for the examination. In order to get a good score in the GRE, you must learn to give the necessary time. You can practice by keeping a tab on the amount of time you spend on every section while doing practice tests. Get acquainted to the exam pattern and work accordingly. Make sure that you are giving the right amount of time for preparing well. Leaving things the last minute will not work well in giving you the desired results.


 This is another very important aspect that you must not neglect. To beat the stress and anxiety, adopt a healthy coping mechanism. Nothing can work better than working out in such a case. It will also give you the mental clarity to help perform better.


Many of us have the habit of spending long study hours, especially when the examination is in a few days. But, do not forget the importance of sleep. Sleep not only restores the energy level, but also helps remembering all the details that you study for the exam. Sound sleep has a major part to play in memory consolidation. Therefore, it is important that you sleep soundly for adequate amount of hours. Not only will you be healthy, but also very focused and attentive.


This is quite obvious, but the more you prepare he less anxious you will get. GRE is quite a difficult test and you would need to start your preparation long before the test. If you feel like you left something out hen you would be more nervous about it and this will contribute to your poor score. Get rid of your habit of procrastination and get well versed with the course. The people teaching GRE preparation courses in Singapore advise you to not leave everything for the end moment. Plan out everything in advance and try to leave just minor revisions for the last day.

Stay positive

The more stress you are under, the more negative thoughts will be filled in your mind. You nervousness and fear will drive these negative thoughts and they can have a bad impact on your test results. Your part experiences can also affect your thinking. Try to be as positive as possible during the test. Other people might finish the test before you, but don’t let that bother you. Complete the test in your pace calmly. It is the only way you can score well on the test. Don’t let a difficult question bring you down. Instead focus on moving forward as fast as possible.

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