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Sachin A Billion Dreams

Sachin A Billion Dreams is an Indian documentary film, which is constructed on the personal and cricket life of Tendulkar.  This film will disclose the success journey of sachin’s  life depicting the way sachin strained his every nerve to be a millions dream; which he is today!!

This film reveals the familiar moments which could warm the hearts of the cricketing legends die-hard enthusiasts.


Sachin Tendulkar, a retired Indian cricket player was born on 24 April 1973 in bombay, India. Tendulkar was introduced to cricket at the age of 10 and at the age of 11, when he was given his first cricket bat, and his ability in sport was immediately noticeable. In 1988, the 15 year old sachin made a century in his domestic first class debut for bombay. Eleven months later  when he made his debut  at international cricket for India against Pakistan. He played the first match in 1989 where he did not performed well, made only 15 runs in 24 balls. Later on, his performance was not so good, but on the same series in 4th test match sachin scored around 57 runs. At that time he felt confident to play against international ballers and somehow he started performing well.


In 90s when the country was facing problems, one young Mumbaikar became the hope of million  of indians.

In this movie he shared disappointments when he felt on being removed as a captain. The biggest moment came when don bradman compared sachin by himself. In 1999 during world cup  the innings against Pakistan come up and suddenly sachin got to know that his father was no more than he immediately came  India  to give hands to his father’s cave. Sachin returned to England after attending his father’s funeral and hit a hundred straight away. By his own admission, his mother who  forced him to return and play for the country as that was what his father would have wanted.

Sachin’s  strength of character in such a difficult time inspired a utter respect.

Later sachin moved on to the very difficult time in his career, when he was made captain one more time and then comes one of the most threatening time in Indian cricket history. The match fixing saga was on it’s peak. Every cricket playing country investigated and fans anger threatened to boil over. On that time sachin got disappointed and angered by it.

From being the hope of struggling country, to the emblem of the country sachin was ready to take on the world, as he has crossed difficult paths. In 2011, his first 200 in an ODI to the world cup win. Sachin had started his career in Mumbai and won the world cup in Mumbai itself. As his achievements grew sachin he started known as a famous batsman in Indian cricket team and now after retirement “he is now considered as the greatest batsman in the history of sport.

“Rightly said, that behind every successful man there is a lot of unsuccessful days”

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

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