Top 5 Indian batsmen every team wanted to have on their team

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The Indian squad has produced some exceptional hitters over the history of Indian Cricket. In truth, the Nation is highly recognized for both their ability to bat and their prowess at bowling spin, with the former being their main point of distinction. The popularity of quick bowling has just recently begun to grow in India. The top five batsmen to ever represent India in cricket at the international level as per t20 world cup 2022 latest news are:

Top five batsmen to ever represent India in cricket at the international level

  1. Sachin Tendulkar

Without a question, Sachin Tendulkar is the best batsman India has ever produced. Many of his supporters still refer to him as a god now as they did while he was playing. His batting would help the country heal and move on while he was at the crease. The move that made him famous was the direct drive back past the bowler.

He was unmatched throughout his career in terms of his consistency and supremacy over his rivals. The pinnacle of his professional career was reached when he won the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup. He had a great tournament in terms of his individual performance, scoring 482 runs while keeping a 54-batting average.

Tendulkar played 200 Test matches for India, scoring over 16,000 runs at a batting average of 54. In the sport of cricket, Tendulkar’s 51 hundred and 68 half-centuries are remarkable numbers. He not only had a batting average of over 40 against every team he faced but also in every country where he played.

  1. Virat Kohli

It’s likely that Virat Kohli will go down in history as the finest batsman of the modern era, as well as the best batsman in Indian history. Given the scope of his achievements, it is possible that he will surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s records. He has excelled in every aspect of the game, despite the fact that the previous two years have been a bit slower for him.

He has the unique distinction of being the first batsman to accomplish this accomplishment in all three forms of the game. His technique wasn’t perfect when he initially began out, but with a lot of effort and practice, he has improved. Given his lifetime average of over 60, it is debatable whether he is the best chaser in the annals of one-day international cricket. He has superb timing for his innings and can easily and quickly reduce totals.

  1. Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar’s performance against the West Indies is brilliant, despite a few slip-ups. But before the Island Nation could organize their four-pronged speed attack, more than half of those millennia were won over them. Nevertheless, he defeated them with 13 centuries. He still manages to score three centuries while being under attack from the West Indies, which is an impressive feat

Because of his flawless technique and composed demeanor, Gavaskar rose to become the standard for what it meant to be an opening batsman. He played nearly flawlessly, which let him maintain a 51-batting average in test cricket. His 34 Test hundreds are still a record for the most by an actual opening batsman.

  1. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid was a standout batsman for India, and maybe his accomplishments in the test match cricket format are what get the most attention. We can never forget his magnificent performance in Kolkata during the Border-Gavaskar Series in 2001. He and VVS Laxman batted throughout the whole day to help India win when they were in an almost hopeless scenario. It changed the course of the match and the whole series, which was being played against one of the best test teams in history, Steve Waugh’s Australia.

When he played abroad, he excelled at spin and did well against seam movement and swing. His defense only had a weakness against rapid bowling. He averaged a respectable 42 in Australia, but he was never able to utterly dominate them, especially when they were physically strong.

  1. MS Dhoni

Although MS Dhoni, India’s captain, has played well for his country, it is his batting that has brought limited-overs cricket to a whole new level. Dhoni is regarded as India’s greatest asset in limited-overs cricket history. Dhoni has been a deft yet excellent finisher for more than ten years, and no game has been settled until he has been removed. He did this by building on the principles established by Lance Kluesner and Michael Bevan to set a new benchmark for finishing art.

Dhoni’s overarching philosophy was to prolong the game for as long as was humanly possible, even if doing so increased the asking price. In certain cases, the necessary run rate for ODIs was 9 or 10 runs per over whereas it was 14 or 15 runs per over for T20Is. Dhoni, though, was undeterred by this fact since he knew that all it would take in a game with narrow margins were one or two powerful strokes to put the burden back on the team bowling.

His batting prowess peaked in the 2011 Cricket World Cup final when he contributed to the victory with an innings. He wouldn’t officially end his career until 2020, but not before creating another outstanding decade’s worth of work. He wasn’t always at his best in test cricket, but he often came through for the Indian batting order, especially when they were having trouble away from home. His most impressive achievement, however, remains his batting average of 50 and almost 10,000 runs in one-day internationals.

Final Thoughts

Cricket is the second most popular sport played all over the world, behind football. The British were responsible for bringing it to India, where it immediately gained popularity as a sport. Even though it is not recognized by the government as India’s national sport, cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country.

In India, cricket has almost a religious significance. It should come as no surprise that even younger players have a good understanding of the game. Whenever there is a cricket match, millions of people in India watch it to see how it ends. This serves as evidence of how popular cricket is in India. When it comes to supporting their favorite sports team, people will stop at nothing.

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