Satyendra Jain Health Minister says “No new lockdown in Delhi”

Satyender Jain

From the recent updates, it has been found that the Health Minister of Delhi that is Satyender Jain says something. The health minister on Wednesday says that all speculation to rest over a fresh lockdown in Delhi. He says that the CM of NCR appealed to the government for the lockdown just because of the rising cases of COVID. But all speculation is put to rest. However, some restrictions will be imposed in the places having the highest number of cases.

As per the reports, this news has been confirmed by the Health Minister himself. On Wednesday morning Mr. Satyender Jain talked to the reports that there will be no fresh lockdown in the NCR. According to the Health Minister, Mr. Jain, there is no need to impose lockdown at present. Furthermore, Jain said that however, the Delhi government should think of imposing restrictions. Because restrictions are the only way through which Delhi will be able to curb the further spread of COVID.

Probing further, on the basis of these clarifications of Satyender Jain, the Delhi government decided something. Delhi government said that more and more COVID tests will be conducted on daily basis. People will not be allow to do social gatherings, distance should be maintained out properly. Moreover, some of the other gatherings like Pooja and many more will also be banned. This is because it is the only way to prevent out Delhi from the continuous spread of COVID.

Therefore, this is all that Satyender Jain and the government of Delhi said on the recent increase of COVID cases. However, there are no announcements yet about the lockdown and restrictions in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Get in touch if you want to have regular updates on the increasing COVID cases of Delhi. #Stay Home #Stay Safe.

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