USA (United States of America) has been rocked by protests over the death of George Floyd


As we all know that people from all across the globe are suffering from a pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. But in between all this America has been rocked by protests because of the death of George Floyd.

George Floyd was an African American living in the USA for so long, but it has been noted that he became a victim of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Ergo, after this brutality, he died and now the people are protesting against all this. Due to these protests, more than 14 cities have been imposed with curfews and more than 12 states are under activated National Guard because of the increasing number of violent protestors on the roads. All the protestors are very much aggressive and are blowing fires as well as creating a curse all over.

The riots were triggered by video footage when a white police officer was crushing the knee of George Floyd rendering the victim unconscious. After this brutality by the white police officer George Floyd was seen saying “I’m not able to breathe and soon after that he died.” Derek Chauvin on a charge of murder seemed insufficient to assuage the hurt of years of racial discrimination that African Americans, Latinos that they have felt in very land opportunity. Therefore, this is the whole controversy that created protests in America.

People are saying that it’s totally wrong to consider black mortality at the hands of police. This is a thing to be protested on that’s why people are raising their voices over the murder of George Floyd. Hence, this is the reason why America is burning.

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