Reopening of Schools: Every guidelines and rule that you should know


As we all know that there are so many states in which the schools have reopened. But there are so many states also where there is no information on the opening of schools. Some of the states where schools have been reopened are Andhra Pradesh, Assam, and Uttarakhand. These are the states where schools have been reopen after a gap of about seven months in view of the COVID pandemic. However, the government left the decision to the state government only whether they want to reopen schools or not.

According to reports, half of the states decided to get schools opened whereas half of the states said no. From the guidelines, it has been found students are having their own options if they are having an interest in going to school or not. Yes, you are hearing that correct parents and students are having the opportunity to decide for themselves. However, there are so many guidelines for students coming to school. If having an interest in knowing about them then have a look down below.

Schools reopen in AP (Andhra Pradesh):

  1. The schools are going to be reopen in a phase manner in Andhra Pradesh. For students of 9 to 10th, it will open from November 2nd, 2020, for 6th to 8th November 23rd. From 1st to 5th it is set to start from December 14th, 2020. But it is totally on parents whether they want their children to go to school or not.
  2. The schools started today for 9 to 10 and students will attend classes on alternative days. Therefore, the classes will be there for students till noon.
  3. Each classroom will have a number of 16 students, with the maintenance of all social distancing protocols.
  4. According to reports, classes will start from 9:15 to 1:45 with midday meals.
  5. In the afternoon hours, the students will be able to take online classes. This is for all who were not able to attend down the classes.

Norms and Guidelines for Assam schools are very much similar.

Schools reopen in Uttarakhand:

  1. Schools are going to reopen for class 10th and 12th in Uttarakhand as per government orders.
  2. All the students of the classes 10th and 12th will have to follow SOP, according to release.
  3. Students will have to provide written permission from their parents if interested in attending schools. This is so very important, if parents are not having interest in sending students then they can continue online classes.

Hence, these are the guidelines that should be known by you. Get connect to have more updates.

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