Sonam Wangchuk (the real hero of 3 idiots) has gone to war against China


Sonam Wangchuk is the real hero of three idiots, the directors of the movie got inspired by him and totally based on his life history. Recently, it has been found that Sonam Wangchuk has waged a campaign against China. Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Sonam Wangchuk came out with a video that was responding against the Chinese military aggressive stance.

Through that video of his, he explains how to win the war against China. There are two ways through which we can win the war against China, first is through military and other through boycotting the Chinese products. He says that each and every Indian should boycott the Chinese products that are sold to India by Chinese companies. Wangchuk further said that “Quit using all the Chinese software in the week and Chinese hardware in the year and see what happens?”

Probing further, in that same video, Sonam Wangchuk introduced that he is in Ladakh and says that please see the Indus River flowing behind me and the hills that are there. He further says that behind me are the area of Nubra and Changtang, the tension is constantly increasing over there as thousands of soldiers are taken there. It was also seen that Chinese Air force ships and Indian Air force ships were hovering over me one hour ago. He further explained that according to my analysis China is also flirting with Vietnam, Taiwan, and now Hong Kong in the South China Sea from the past several weeks because China just needs to solve the problems inside him more than the enmity with any country.

Furthermore, he says that the biggest fear for China is its people because when they become angry a state of revolution can be created. This is all because the factories and other things got closed after the pandemic outbreak of COVID and unemployment has risen to 20%. Due to this, all China is trying to flirt with its neighboring nations. Ergo, it’s a request to the Indian people to boycott the products as this is the only way through which we can defeat China.

Sonam said that we are not having a problem with China or Chinese people, our only problem is with the Chinese government. Unless there is a change in China people should not take their products just boycott them.

Stay updated to know more about this controversy between nations.

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