Massive fire breakout in Assam “Bhagjan Oil Well”, Army and Air force needed for help


Recently, it has been found that a massive fire outbreak took place in Assam, the oil well at Bhagjan had a blowout on May 27th and was leaking for the past 14 days. But today it suddenly busted and massive fire broke out. Furthermore, it was noted that the fire coming out from that plant was reportedly seen by the people even 10 km away from that place. Whereas locals have claimed that this massive fire outbreak had spread to the nearby villages. Ergo, this is why the army and air force was needed and brought to help.

After calling the army and air force they started assisting the fire fighting operations. The air force has brought more than three fire engines to the place and the army reached the area to stand on by whereas the area has been cordoned by the paramilitary forces. The reporters are saying that the fire is still not under control because it was such a huge and massive outbreak. Oil India has told that there were violent protests going on around the site but Oil India and ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) teams have been evacuated.

More than 6000 people living in a radius of 1.5 km have been shifted to relief camps as this harmful smoke coming out of the plant can harm people. However, this incident took place because of the Oil India Limited negligence that’s why they are out with financial relief of Rs 30,000 to all the families that have affected. Lastly, we would like to claim that this year is one of the worst years for the people as we are facing a lot of difficulties and problems. Only god knows what other things we have to face this year.

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