New announcements- Delhi will have drones flying over the city and night vision cameras


Earlier, we got to know that China was using drones to check the people during the crucial times of coronavirus. They were also having functioning robots that help in the sanitization of the roads as well as for supplying things to the people. Ergo, this development of China just helps us in improving our tech services and now India is also going to use drones.

According to the reports, it has been clarified that the government of Delhi is using drones to keep the people indoor. This is one of the wonderful ideas of keeping people inside their houses and the Delhi police are doing a great job. Earlier it was very much difficult for the police to keep the people of Delhi inside but all thanks to the drone technology. With the help of this technology, the police are doing a remarkable job, they can easily make the people stay inside. Along with this, the technology is helping in checking the distance maintained between people during buying things or any other activities. One of the best parts of this drone technology is that it is having night vision also will enable us to keep a check on people in the night as well. So, there will be no more gathering of people in Delhi streets, no matter whether it is day or night.

A total of three drones have been placed in South Delhi. The drones are having so many good features such as high-resolution cameras as well as recording footage for hours. The night vision camera of these drones is also having special features. It helps in the detection of groups of people who have gathered even in the wee hours of the night. Ergo, it is eligible for a range of up to 8 kilometers. Therefore, these drones can be even considered game changers for India because it is helping the police to keep people inside in these tough conditions of COVID-19.

Stay home and stay safe because this will help you only. Government, Doctors, Police, and other officials are trying very hard to get rid of this infectious virus. So, we should also stay at home and help them in fighting this pandemic.

Always stay in touch with us to have more and more updates regarding the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19.

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