Technology Trends to Thrive in 2018 & Beyond


Industry experts already forecasted collaboration market to reach $49.51 approximately by 2020 and there’s no stopping the momentum. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest tech impacts on enterprise collaboration coming in 2018 and likely to stay further.

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4K resolution

There was a time when 3D and HD define high-end visual quality but then came something far more radical, none other than the Ultra-HD 4K resolution. The conferences, seminars and other public events would receive coverage through highly sophisticated 4K cameras, taking ever pixel to its ultimate sharpness unlike anything the industry ever witnessed.

Although this technology has already been introduced in televisions and computers, the rise of Millennials in the workforce further raise the demand of high-quality video resolution that is more lifelike video! This increases quality, improves overall meeting experience taking place on digital platforms as well as drives other technological advancements.

Machine vision

Innovation appeals to the implementation of smarter and high-quality cameras in the workplace to gather critical data to give context as to how a meeting proceeds, analytics of the discussion and sentiments used for customer service calls.

Large conference rooms usually have multiple cameras powered by machine vision to determine overall “mood” of the room. It can detect free-flow of the conversation, engagement of the people, if someone’s playing idol or things being discussed on the whiteboard so on.

Modern-day data centres are also equipped with machine vision cameras to maintain security as well as smooth performance of the entire facility.

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Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Video conferencing solutions powered by cloud tech give access to huge amounts of data concerning workplace engagements and meeting habits. The data is supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) allowing users to optimise the cloud platform thereby boosting effectiveness and dig deeper into the latest technology trends such as virtual assistants and facial recognition.

At its basic level, AI helps in determining the optimal time/length of an event, number of participants and even the best day to host it for maximum productivity. Voice recognition feature can analyse content or specific factors of the event, compare these with other errands and happening within a setting be it corporate or casual and returns helpful suggestions, taking knowledge and expertise to the next level.

Intelligent applications & things

Intelligent applications are mostly empowered by Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) having the potential to transform workplace by making the usual tasks easier thus raising productivity. Still, intelligent applications aren’t limited to the digital assistants but integrated in enterprise-grade security solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and much more.

That being said, tech providers using artificial intelligence have their focus on three areas such as advanced analytics, autonomous business processes and conversational, immersive and continuous interfaces. Gartner predicted that some of the world’s largest companies by 2018 would exploit intelligent applications and employ complete package of big data and analytics tools to redefine and innovate their services and enhance customer experience.

The rise of intelligent things or machines gradually dominated industries as well as our lives without us ever realising it. These fall in three different categories namely drones, robotics and autonomous vehicles such as driverless cars. Each of these areas are expected to widen even more thereby penetrating larger market segments supporting digital business.

Existing solutions include devices powered by the seoInternet of Things (IoT) delivering AI-enabled systems almost everywhere from home and office to factories and medical facilities so on. As intelligent things emerge and gain momentum, they’d eventually shift from stand-alone to a collaborative model exercising interconnectivity to accomplish tasks faster and with utmost perfection.


Even malatya led tabelanontechnical factors concerned with privacy and liability in coming times will be embedded by intelligent technologies one way or another as there’s no avoiding it.

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