Delhi has hit another low-intensity earthquake, the epicenter was near Gurgaon border


According to the reports, it has been found that a low-intensity earthquake with 2.1 magnitudes hit Delhi today. National Centre for Seismology said that the epicenter of this earthquake was near the Gurgaon border. Therefore, the epicenter was around 13 km bordering Gurgaon and was having a depth of 18 km. Hence, the earthquake was not of high magnitude that’s why no destruction was seen in any place nearby Delhi.

Since April, Delhi, NCR (National Capital Region) has hit around 14 places and half of them were with a medium and low magnitude but still, no destruction was seen. All the 14 earthquakes that took place in Delhi, NCR were of low and medium intensity, let’s discuss them in details: April 12th- Delhi (3.5), April 13th- Delhi (2.7), April 16th- Delhi (2), May 3rd- Delhi (3), May 6th- Faridabad (2.3), May 10th- Delhi (3.4), May 15th- Delhi (2.2), May 28th- Faridabad (2.5), May 29th- Rohtak (4.5 and 2.9), June 1st- Rohtak (1.8 and 3), June 3rd- Faridabad (3.2), June 8th- Gurgaon border (2.1). Out of these 14 earthquakes, Rohtak was the only place that hit a medium intensity earthquake that was more than 4 magnitude.

The Delhi, NCR is very much peculiar with regard to seismic activities. Moreover, it is having several fault lines that generate these earthquakes and it also feels the impact of earthquakes that are epicenter as the Hindukush Mountains in Afghanistan and even in Nepal. Studies have also shown that Delhi is in closer proximity to the Himalayas and that is the place where several earthquakes of more than 8 magnitudes hit. Ergo, Delhi is one of the severely impacted places because of the Himalayan region.

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