Ram Rahim Rape Case 2002 Comes To Final Declaration

Jake Blake

It sounds a great pity when the people who call themselves Guru and are meant to show the right path to life, ruins the life themselves. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was accused for rape of his two followers. The case was registered in 2002 and finally the case is resolved after 15 years and the result is announced on 28, August 2017.

The case came into spotlight after the victim wrote a letter to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. She claimed of being raped repeatedly raped by Ram Rahim.

What’s The Final Verdict About The Case?

The case was resolved on friday i.e 25 august 2017 and baba was found guilty. But the proceedings and final verdict were postponed to monday. Today, Justice Jagdeep Singh himself flown to Rohtak,where ram Rahim singh was imprisoned and allowed a 10 minute justification to both the sides.

On hearing the pleas and arguments finally justice announced the punishment of 10 Years Of Imprisonment. Ram Rahim Singh couldn’t speak a word after that. His lawyer tried to get his punishment reduced by giving different reasons of his bad health and examples of his social service but all in vein.

Actions For Security :

The area is imposed with curfew. Tight security is maintained outside the jail. And also the shoot at sight orders are been released. If anyone tries to go against the law and create any sort of nuisance, police is allowed to shoot them. The action is taken to ensure the security in regions of Haryana, Punjab and nearby places.

This step is very essential to avoid any sort of loss to life and property. As after the declaration of the case on friday already a great loss has been suffered.

The riots that took place after the decision made in Panchkula court led to death of 38 people and 200 are very seriously injured. Hundreds of vehicles were damaged and burnt.

After the sentence of punishment, the main Ram Rahim Rape Case concern is who would be the successor, if baba decides to step down. The first and the strongest candidate is his adopted daughter,  Honeypreet Insaan. It is said that she is the person who is closest to him. While some other sources say baba already declared his son Jasmeet as the successor in 2007 after he was accused for rape and murder case in 2007.

The resolution of case once again lights up the ray of hope in citizens of India for justice.


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