Petrol Price Reached 82-Mark and Diesel Above 72 A Liter, As Hikes Continue

Nick Clair
petrol price reached 82-mark and diesel above 72 a liter, as hikes continue

Prices of petrol and diesel are going up past these days.

Petrol prices in New Delhi have been changing unexpectedly, prices of crude oil have been showing a hard change. It is important to check today’s petrol price in New Delhi ₹ 82.13 (28th November 2020), especially if you are wishing for a long drive.

Remember, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily, so you can lose much if you are travelling on a long-distance. The rupee has also done down in comparison to the dollar, resulting in petrol prices in Delhi higher than before. It hops in that the government can reduce excise duties, to enable rates to become cheaper in the coming days.

  • Petrol price on Saturday crossed ₹82-mark in Delhi and diesel surpassed ₹72 a litre after an eighth increase in rates in the past nine days.
  • Petrol price in Delhi rose to ₹13 per litre from ₹81.89, according to a price notification from oil marketing companies.

How are petrol

prices in Delhi is decided?


  • Petrol prices are directly depended on the international prices of crude oil. They move according to the International rates, which are regulated abroad. Petrol prices in Delhi are aalso affected by something called Indian Crude basket, which plays a major role in the change in prices. You should check the prices regularly because it can save so much of your money.


Increasing change in the last few days


Recently, it’s been seen that an increasing movement of petrol prices stirring in several cities. In fact, in the places like Delhi they have now hit the Rs 82 per litre mark. This has happened as international prices of crude have gone higher and there is every possibility that there could be a further increase in prices.

Factors which bring the   change in petrol prices are:


Petrol prices are changed due to numerous factors, some of them are:

  • Currently, Brent Crude prices are trading below $40. When these prices go higher, the India crude basket goes higher, which in turn alters the daily price of petrol in Delhi. A similar thing can be seen as far diesel is concerned. The city has one of the high-value-added taxes, which has pushed petrol prices higher
  • The currency also plays a big role, in pushing the price of petrol and diesel either way. If rates tend to move in one direction heavily, the government can cut or hike rates accordingly.


One should regularly check the prices of petrol in Delhi, as they are very fluctuating nowadays. It can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can check petrol prices through numerous ways like an SMS service or a customer care service run by state-owned oil companies including Bharat Petroleum (BP), Hindustan Petroleum (HP), Indian Oil and Shell Oil. And you can even check online by visiting the websites of any of those oil companies.

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