Importance of CloudBased Broadcasting for Live News Operations

Nick Clair

Broadcasting live news is one of the most challenging parts for the news channels. The video must be recorded, segmented, compressed, encoded, and then it must be distributed to several user-devices. This entire process must be done in a matter of seconds to provide real-time live news for the users.

The traditional method of this broadcasting has been in presence for decades now. Well-established news channels use optical fibre and satellite support to reach the millions of TV sets across the globe.

Though it was a ground-breaking technological achievement in the past, the traditional style of live news broadcasting has a few limitations when viewed from the perspective of today’s smarter technology.

Some obvious limitations are:

  • Infrastructure: A news content creator needs to have a solid infrastructure in all locations to transmit and receive signals between users and satellites. Though this is not a problem for the big and established player, the need for such infrastructure limits numerous new creators from performing live broadcasting for their viewers.
  • Cost: Live broadcasting through the traditional method can become quite expensive and risky for news channels as they have to lease the satellite services for a minimum of 3 to 5 years, and there can be huge losses if the channel doesn’t succeed
  • Devices: This is the biggest limitation in the traditional method, as it suits only the devices that have the signal receiving mechanism such as a TV and cable connection; with more and more people relying on smartphones to view their content of interest, this limitation is a big set-back.

As it is believed that necessity is the mother of all inventions, these limitations have given rise to a new and effective solution in the field of live news operations. The simple solution to the problem is cloud based broadcasting.

CloudBased Broadcasting

As the name suggests, the idea is to broadcast live video with the help of cloud broadcasting, replacing the satellite signal system with internet and cloud computing.

Importance of Cloud Broadcasting 

With cloud-based solutions, the video can be now transferred through cloud services which will then broadcast the video to several different devices with the help of the internet. This is remarkable increasing the strength of new content creators who aspire to progress into the bigger field of news broadcasting, by allowing them to conduct real-time live news broadcasting at a very lower cost. Even the well-established channels use cloud-based broadcasting today to reach a greater number of platforms at a reduced cost.

Cloud broadcasting also allows the operator to monitor the content from any remote location, without any need for highly expensive equipment. With the rising popularity of the internet, it is safe to say the cloud-broadcasting is a major player in the field of news operations.

Cloud Broadcasting Solutions

The major reason for this quickly rising popularity of cloud services is due to the availability of easy and reliable cloud broadcasting solutions like Amagi. Amagi is one of the first in the field of cloud-based broadcasting and is already providing cloud services to more than 400 channels broadcasting content to more than 25 different countries. Starting the firm in Bangalore, by offering geo-targeting services, the constantly upgrading and innovating attitude at Amagi has allowed it to progress very rapidly and globally into the field of cloud broadcast technology.

So, to make a big leap into the field of cloudbased broadcasting of live news operations, a visit to  is high recommendable for content owners and large-scale news broadcasters alike.

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