Apple announces another Apple Event for November 10th, 2020


From recent updates, it has been found that Apple has announced the upcoming last event of this year. Yes, you are hearing that correct, in the month of November also Apple is going to launch out something. This news has been clarified officially by the Apple company. If you are having an interest in having each and every information about this then have a look down below.

Apple recently announces that one more thing left to come out in the year 2020. Apple company has said that it has planned out an event for November 10th, 2020. This is going to be the Apple event in which people are going to see presumably announcement of its first Arm-based Macs that run on Apple Silicon chips. Instead of running out on Intel chips and this is going to be one of the most interesting discoveries of Apple till now and this year.

According to Apple, one more thing phrase has been used here to remark that 2020 is not yet finished. Steve Jobs wants to tell the people that there is one thing left to launch out by the company. From the reports, it has been found that the last time when this phrase was used it was the launch of iPhone X in the year 2017. And now this phrase has been used again, so are you getting excited about this new upcoming launch. If yes, then let us know through the comments area down below.

Apple has announced all their plans to switch Intel processors to its own Apple Silicon CPUs in June only. In the month of June only they promised that they are going to bring the first Arm-based chips and would be out later in 2020. Now, finally, it’s the time for the launch of this so very exciting thing.


Hence, this is all. Get connect if you are having an interested in the upcoming Apple event of 2020.

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