You should know about- Troubleshoot Discord RTC Connecting no Routing Issue

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Troubleshoot Discord RTC connecting no routing issue

What is discord?

Discord is one of the best applications that can be used by gamers from all across the world. Previously, it was not used by people on a high scale by in recent times the usage of discord is increasing and this is just because of its exciting features and user-friendly interface. However, it is not free from issues but still people love to use it.

Although, when we talk about the top 10 discord issues troubleshoot discord RTC connecting no routing issue is there on the top. It is one of the most common issues that people face while using discord. If you are also facing this troubleshoot issue, then you should think of resolving it out. Resolving the rtc connecting no route issue is not so easy but not that difficult too, if you want to solve it out then have a look at this article. We are here providing you with some methods that will help in resolving the issues. Let’s start:

What are the root causes of Discord RTC connecting no route issues?

After checking down this problem properly, many of the discord researches have come out about the root causes of this issue. Peep down below if you want to know about the root causes of this common rtc connecting no route discord issue.

  • Third-Party Software is Blacklisting the Discord- Whenever this problem arises, discord is not at all allowed to keep an outgoing connection with a server.
  • Network Admin Block the Discord- In case, you are trying to access discord at school or from work, then discord can be blocked.
  • The assigned IP address has been changed- Most of the times, you encounter this issue because of the changing of IP address.

Ergo, these are some of the root causes of the discord common issue. Now, you should go through some of the solutions, so that you can fix out this problem easily. Have a look, below mentioned are some solutions that will help you to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Restart your Modem, Router, and Computer.

Let’s start the problem fixing with an easy solution. Sometimes, no router problems appear if the IPV6 connection was interrupted by Dynamic IP that constantly keeps changing on. So, in this condition, we would suggest you restart the modem, router, and computer. If the rtc disconnected issue gets away, then it is quite good. If it doesn’t then you should try with some other solution.

Solution 2: Uninstall the Third Party Firewall.

This is again a solution that will help you out in fixing the problem of discord no route rtc connecting issues. Look down to the steps if you want to fix the problem through this solution.

1: Firsts of all, open the run dialog box. After that open it down and you need to press Windows + R keys together.

2: Once the Run dialog box opens, after that enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ within the available field and press the Enter button.

3: Now several options will display, you should tap on the Programs and Features.

4: Within the programs and features, you will have to scroll down and locate third-party antivirus. After that right-click on it and tap on the uninstall button.

STEP 5: Now follow down the onscreen instructions for uninstalling the Third Party Firewall from the system.

Reboot and check if the issue has resolved or not. Now, jump on to the other solution.

Solution 3: Check the Server Voice Region.

In case, you constantly get the issue while connecting to a friend from a different continent, then because of different voice regions, you can face this discord rtc connecting no route fix issue. In this situation, you should go and ask the admin to set a different voice region from the server setting.

Solution 4: Remove the VPN.

Sometimes, you may encounter this error if the user is using a VPN solution that is not configured to use the User Datagram Protocol. So, if you use a VPN solution, you should go and consult with the service provider. Alternatively, to solve the problem out you can easily disable the VPN and try to connect discord with a new voice server.

Solution 5: Check Internet Connection.

The last solution to fix this problem out is of checking the internet connection. If no solution works, then this one will definitely help you out in fixing the problem. Just try this solution out.

To conclude, we believe that all the above-mentioned solutions will definitely help you out in fixing the discord rtc connecting no route issues. However, if you are still having any confusion regarding this then you should mention us in the comments section.

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